7 Commandments of an SEO expert

Ha! So You Thought This Was Easy. …

Professional SEO is a gamble if you think the odds are in your favour.

Instead, there’s work to do. Search engine optimisation presents a great opportunity, but if you think it’s a petty game played by kids online, you will lose. There’s a simple way to get past the fluff and the B.S. blogs. You have to learn professionally. A marketing expert has a career, a reputation and a business on the line when boosting the performance of keywords and individual websites.

These professionals operate impressive careers and can do so from the industry of search. The competition is real because the results are too. A collection of words could be the saving grace to your brand online, and there are trained experts who improve it. How many times have you tried to boost your brand with a particular keyword campaign? I bet you thought it would be easy.

Specialists are operating their businesses only after coming down from the “high mountains” where learning a real discipline takes place. You could learn these lessons also. What we have is a simple guide that gets you online presence and without getting stranded in the desert. There, your business will die of thirst. Your past attempts have likely failed, so you need an adjustment and not another guru.

commandments for SEO expertsHere are a few commandments to make you an expert instead.

Be The Expert You Never Knew You Were

You won’t hear about the most impressive search engine optimisation campaigns. You will only wind up pulling out your wallet. The digital platform hasn’t changed since it boomed in the early ‘90s. What this means is that A certain creativity clause structures web marketing. The tools, the processes and the way technology works are put into everyone’s hands. The expert must, therefore, be creative.

Your first commandment is to keep your strategies and our guide on a hush. Don’t tell them “how you did it or why it worked.” There’s a secret strategy behind every SEO agency, and most of them will go to the grave to keep their tricks unknown. You have to do likewise. Not everything you consume is black and white. There are systems in place that sustain the whys, the whos and the places.

Each of these provides answers for campaigns as launched by true professionals. The Internet opened up a two-way street for communication that gave the world a strange belief when marketing. “If I just build it, they will come.” This is wrong.

You’re no longer competing against a few businesses being one yourself. Web technology makes every cousin, aunt, sister, mother and brother of yours work against the strategy you have. Know that we all have access to the tools, but the way you and your competitors are using these tools are the trade secrets you hold on to.

Become A Mythbuster

All of this data online and people continue to be in love with data. Think about what you’re trying to accomplish if you haven’t made a breakthrough with search engine optimisation. Getting past the clutter will enable you to become a mythbuster. You have to understand better what marketing is to gain more precise knowledge of why myths are so important. Take a quick look at Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes.

We’ve heard her speak of the technology, the fantastic work it would do and the “unchallengeable results.” The only thing we can confirm, however, is that it’s all myth. Your second commandment is simple. Bust through every myth until you find the reality of your marketing message. What you learned about search engine optimisation has likely gotten you turned in the wrong direction. It’s all mythical.

Look at everything you learn with a grain of salt and a couple of hours up at night doing a Web search. The sooner you respond to immediate marketing news without due diligence, the further you drift from actual results. Be aware of the narratives, and you will open your mind to real processes instead.

Taking your mind off of “the stories” leads you to devise simple SEO packages that include:

  • Brand Analysis: Web technology itself can understand, categorise or identify concepts. These concepts are things like brand identity. You need to develop identity so that a long history of integrity is built. Ensure that you go to the drawing board before you speak in public and before you’re sure of what to say.
  • Competition Analysis: There’s a brand out there with an idea similar to yours. Sorry to burst your bubble. This agency is putting in hours of research to understand its market better and to tailor a perfect message for its consumer. You don’t need to search out your competitors to blow them out of the water. You need to understand who these entities are to see what’s working and what’s just myth.
  • Knowing Your Keywords: Keywords can be a tricky ordeal. The actual trick is to use a search engine for finding words and phrases suitable for you to compete with. The process is simple. Visit your favourite search engine. Consider what your brand is and the solutions it provides. Now type words related to that brand, and then see what comes up. Here lies your “digital industry” and where you will have to develop your agency. …

Do your research, and keep out of the mythical world.

Hold A Humble Industry View

The changes in technology are as fast as the stock and financial markets.

There is only one thing in search engine optimisation that remains constant. The use of words, however, contains the variables about our society that change every day. The commandment you receive now is to stay humble. There’s some new technology hitting the market next week, and it’s likely to change a lot about how we do things. Keep up with these changes, and you’ll thrive as a brand.

Make Basic Marketers Look Like Fools

You should begin to see how easy it is to make amateur marketers look like complete fools. Working in between the lines of online B.S. will give you an upper hand. You’ll know the depth of ignorance competitors are in when you can laugh at what they do. There are a few tools that give you a clearer perspective when running your campaigns.

Look at these items on a pro marketer’s SEO checklist:

  • Metadata: Metadata is data about data. You can upload this information into search engines. The description of this information offers a deeper level of understanding of Web technology. That technology can better synthesise what, where and by whom something is. The more search technology understands about your brand, the more work it can do for you.
  • Google Updates: Look here at Google to honestly get an upper hand that will make the industry look like fools. This page contains major Google technologies as they’re updated and patented. Learn what’s changing while others are still working in the stone age.
  • Artificial Technology: Be fully aware that Web technology and analytics are forcefully operated by A.I. The evaluation that an algorithm once made is now done by a thinking algorithm which also makes decisions for itself.

Become A Search Engine Maestro

A search expert knows the ins and outs of search. They know that quotations around special words, when using a search tool, will isolate those words as a search gets sent. These professionals know that some words have been banned by Google so that no business can rank for them. This is where you receive our commandment to master search technology as a painter masters the brush stroke.

Content Driven With Results To Show

It pays to be a bit talkative as you operate online marketing.

Here’s how SEO services define your content and the voice you have:

  • Readable As Words: Online technology understands words, so you’ve got to do some talking. This tech doesn’t distinguish sound, taste, feeling or sight. It can, however, conceive these senses when they’re put into letters.
  • Google’s “Entity Patent”: Be sure to research this patent as it enables Google technology to make a related hypothesis about two “entities.” The result is a larger knowledge-based that search algorithms can evaluate through.

Know The Balance Between Technology And People

The game of SEO is never one-sided. Move forward with success, but realize that you need to serve both the search technology and the people who use it. The technology aspect is about how marketing operates search and words. You can bring your business to close when you also put the reader into this equation, and keep your content relevant to them.