company’s greatness is the sum of all its people’s greatness. With that in mind, we look to work with people whose primary motivation is excellence.

Through educator and student reviews, the degree of the instructor’s and student’s perspectives towards exploratory writing will be noted. Student writing practices will be watched and archived through an educator agenda during the designated exploratory writing time. An assortment of student’s work will be scored by an educator made rubric and set in a portfolio. An irregular example of student’s pre and post reviews will be examined. The executed exploratory writing project will happen over a multi week time frame in first and forward grade study halls so students will be able to find websites that type essays for you to ease their studying. The overview was circulated to thirty-three instructors; 18% don’t save time for exploratory writing. The result of the study recommended 79% of instructors see experimental writing as a fundamental piece of the educational plan and a method for helping students in turning out to be adaptable journalists. Of the fifty-four percent of the educators studied, the majority of them commit 30-180 minutes to experimental writing every week. The outcomes show that 54% of educators grade their students’ experimental writing; 67% with a rubric, 17% emotional, 11% positive remarks, and 5% give focuses.

Our first hire was a student from a reputed Melbourne University. Working on Notepad++, he would often squeal with excitement when he managed to solve a particular problem. We used to type away on the command line on Linux and put together graphics that our clients loved. Over time we realised that we were unique and perhaps a bridge between nerds and people. Those moments were gold for us. We decided never to outsource our work. Our geek culture was our USP.


Our first client was a sweet little restaurant, Bella. Hopping in an old Mazda 929, we went to see the business owner. By the end of the meeting, the client had handed us a $3500 cheque. He wanted us to do a website. That website is still there and the client every year mails us a hosting cheque. He taught us that people want to work with infinitely passionate people. Passion is something we value above all else. We decided to test for passion before we hired.


“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.

We had some tough challenges in the first few years. We promised to deliver a job by a set time. Due to unforeseen circumstances that were beyond our control, we failed to deliver on time. We learned a lot from some of these early projects.

Communication skills became the most important thing at that point. Clear communication and expectation management is something we look to improve continuously. We decided to invest in better communication skills. Effective communication is now our important goal with each client.

One of Australia’s largest brand started their company around 2010. We took on their online marketing. They grew to be number 1 in Australia in 2016. We still do their marketing ten years later. Along the way, we had access to significant data, insights, information, people. Trust is what they valued the most and when times got tough, we passed their integrity test. So along with your privacy, trust and integrity is something that we always look to win. We learned the value of relationships from this client.


Listening to people is essential to establishing what their talent is.

A particular talent in our organisation who came from an entirely different industry delivered 250% + ROI for most of his client portfolio. This individual successfully recovered a site from Google’s penalty when behemoths of our industry had turned their heads away to this customer.

Never judge a book by it’s cover is what this individual taught us. A lot of folks at Weboptimizers may be introverts, but they will deliver value that is exceptional and better than our competitors. We can vouch for that. Our customers will attest to that.

We want to work with businesses that care about people. We want to work with companies that show intellectual curiosity. We want to work with firms that show faith and value us for the tremendous advantage we will deliver.