Amazon Web Services

  • Are you losing conversions due to your website’s slow loading time?
  • Are you looking for a dedicated hosting for your website?
  • Want to scale your brand to the next level?
  • Is your SEO not performing as it should?

From migrating and hosting popular platforms such as WordPress, Magento and Prestashop to customised websites, we have done it all. Amazon webservices provide the flexibility of scaling you application as and when you need it.

Reliable and secure

The cloud infrastructure behind AWS cloud ensures that your site will always be up and running.


AWS Cloud allows you to upgrade or downgrade your server within minutes whenever you need to. Scale up ahead of marketing events, and scale down during low volume periods.

Proven Success

AWS Cloud is the infrastructure that developed to serve its customer base. Several high profile websites such as Netflix, Reddit, Pinterest, Samsung and Adobe are currently running on AWS Cloud.


You pay for what you use. All the server bills are based on per-hour pricing.

RDS is a service which allows us to set up and operate databases on another server (instance) in the cloud rather than operating the database on the same server (instance) your web application is hosted.

  • Your web server offloads all database operations to the RDS, which results in a much better response time from your web server
  • RDS provides Multi-AZ and Read Replica features which provide and maintain synchronous standby replicas in different availability zones. With proper configuration, we can use these features to achieve enhanced database availability and read scalability
  • The instance on which your database operates is also flexible and can be upgraded or downgraded if needed

CloudFront is a content delivery web service, also known as content delivery network (CDN). This service allows us to configure your web application to serve your media files such as images, videos, CSS and js files from numerous data centres (also called edges) instead of the web server itself.

  • The media files are served from the data centre closest to the end user such that they are distributed with minimum latency and high data transfer speeds
  • Fewer operations are done on your web server, which results in a better loading time for your website

Elasticache is a service that provides in-memory cache in the cloud

  • We can configure your web applications to use the much faster in-memory caches, instead of relying entirely on the slower disk-based databases or file system
  • Your web application can use cache without incurring additional operations overhead on the webserver

AWS Expertise

Amazon Migration to a reliable, secure and cost-effective AWS server optimised for your web application and tailored to your requirements.

Local Support

We have a vast knowledge of the AWS cloud infrastructure and its services. Our experts will always be available to answer any of your questions.


While you will still be in complete control of your server, we will be there to manage patches and updates.

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