6 Tips On How To Build Links For Boring Industries

The Heart of Boring Content

If you work in what is traditionally considered a “boring” industry with few potential sharers, this one is for you. The world of marketing grows murky and confusing when it comes to content that doesn’t have ready and willing large audiences for. What constitutes boring will inevitably vary among different audiences of readers, though, and the content is usually only as boring as its creators. Our question here, then, is how to use marketing on topics that aren’t widely covered or highly sought after in SEO marketing. It’s the keyword research on a keyword that lands us at a loss for who to speak to, or the topic that only a few people search for every year.

What’s boring?

What seems dull or uninteresting to you might not be dull to me, and vice versa. Google rankings are often used as a gauge to determine what the average person deems boring, and of course, we come out with “boring” topics that don’t have high rankings or a large following in keyword research. The dumpster industry is a classic example. You might call them the outcasts of the big, bad world that don’t garner too much attention, and if you are trying to engage in content marketing for your industry and it falls under the umbrella of an outcast, maybe you’re panicking a little bit. Understanding how SEO works will help you create great content for your industry that is also link-worthy.

Boring industires
What to do?

That’s why we’re here. As you seek to personalise your brand and climb ever higher in Google rankings, we’re going to show you a few simple approaches that will help you with the content marketing of traditionally monotonous content. E-commerce SEO can sometimes be tedious in and of itself since it doesn’t typically touch new territory or seek to inspire with words. It usually defines and describes a product, and to some folks, that might seem boring. We’re here to share some good news: Nothing is boring if you market it right. Here’s the slightly less good news: It’s going to take some work to market your industry right and build those links you so desire to create.

6 Hot Tips To Implement

So you’ve got this content that you think is boring. Let’s un-boring things a bit with these few simple tips for how to lively up your attitude.

Change Your Attitude About Your Content

This is one that is essential to doing anything else on this list. If you’re going to build links to your content, you’re going to have to create content that inspires your particular audience, and this means that you need to stop thinking of your content as boring. The link you want to share across the Internet is simply the title of your content, of your SEO keyword, and if you don’t stop thinking of it as “boring” then no one else will either. Think of your content as being “specific” and appealing to a smaller number of people instead of just simply “boring.” There is a smaller audience of people out there who will be wildly excited about your topic and not see it as boring at all. These are the folks you want to reach via SEO services and social circles.

Do Some Reading About Your Topic

Sharing links online is all about excitement and wanting others to see the world through our eyes. When you create or buy content for your website, keep in mind that for others to want to share this information, you need to want to share it too. Find solid research and articles about your topic that reflects the enthusiasm you want your audience to have for the subject at hand. Even if your subject is “Pretty Flowers,” you can bet there are more than a few pretty flower enthusiasts out there who will share your link. To build links, you’ve got to have content that is worth linking back to. Know your subject well, look at it through the eyes of people who don’t see it as dull, and spice up your headlines to inspire enthusiasm for the content behind the link.

Reading books

Reach Out To Partners

No matter how much folks may not want to engage with other competitors or similar websites, it’s sometimes a necessary evil and one that might result in a valuable partnership for you and your fellow industry peers. Building links will almost always require some sorts of reaching out to similar industries to get a grasp on what they’re doing right or wrong. If you’re in a very limited sector – AKA boring industry with little matching content – you’ve got an excellent opportunity to reach out to your likewise limited peers who are trying to make a name for themselves. Don’t be afraid to share some great content with your visitors and expect that to result in link building with peers that similarly like your content.

Clear Out Junk Content

The word junk is harsh, but it’s a harsh reality that many websites start out believing that any content is helpful, even if it’s thin on information or inspiration. The fact is that some content can negatively affect your search engine results. If you have dead links to pages that have long since passed away, articles that there rushed and put there to grab some quick attention for keywords, or articles that don’t have much real meat in the content, you might be hurting yourself. Google and other popular search engines don’t just want results. They want quality information and articles. Even if your topic has a limited audience, you can make the content engaging for your readers. An SEO audit will likely reveal dead links and other articles that might need to go.

Get Social

Social media is the end all be all of today’s connected world. And while your topic might be dull to the majority of folks, there’s a limited number of people in the online social world who might go simply wild over your content. Remember Pretty Flowers? Well, there is likely an entire social community built around folks sharing their love of and enthusiasm for Pretty Flowers. Reach out to those folks. Give them the opportunity to be a part of a community that’s excited about your Pretty Flowers and wants to share that excitement with fellow social users. For now, social websites and apps are right up there with Google search engine results in regards to marketing strategies. If your “boring” topic isn’t being discussed in social circles, you’re missing out on the opportunity to have links on those community pages that Google sees as authoritative.

Instagram Pretty Flowers

Blog Your Heart Out

Blogging still holds weight with Google and other popular search engines. If you’re not sharing your thoughts on your industry frequently, you’re missing out on the chance to create shared content. Guest bloggers are another way to take your general audience and make them more active in your industry. Trust us; there’s somebody who woke up today that would love to share their ideas on your boring topic, if only they had the outlet. Reach out to guest bloggers or even visitors of your website or community app and see if they have anything new to add to your topic. When people get involved with content more interactively, the interaction itself takes the “boring” out of the subject matter.

blog social media

See Your Industry In A Whole New Light

Some topics are always going to be less “popular” online, but don’t confuse the popularity of your keyword with the idea that the topic is boring. It’s just less known and less discussed. You can change all that with the above 6 strong strategies for building links to your so-called boring industry information. And while the above tips might seem a little abstract, they have practical applications in an online world that will make a lot of sense to you once you get started on this new adventure.

  • Read about your topic (this is always an exciting stage because you’re learning new things yourself and discovering that nothing is boring when you’re learning the right things about it)
  • Reach out to partners (a fun stage in any environment, online and off, because you meet people who are engaged with your topic and willing to share your ideas with their audience)
  • Clean up bad content (cleaning house can be very rewarding if you do it right)
  • Get social (nothing is boring about social app marketing, especially when you see your links skyrocket)
  • Blog (this is an active way to share your love of your topic and make it exciting for your visitors)

There’s something mighty important to do in all of those stages, and hopefully, you will soon discover just how much fun your “boring” industry can seem to others when you’re at the helm of the creative content. When you approach your industry and your subjects in an entirely new way, you encourage others to regard your ideas as worthy of sharing. And that’s the heart of the Internet. It’s an ongoing conversation between billions of strangers who want with all their heart to connect and share what’s in their heads and hearts with other like-minded people. You can be an integral part of this ongoing conversation when you stop thinking of yourself and your industry as boring and start getting excited about the opportunity to share your ideas with literally billions of people. That’s not boring. That’s awe-inspiring.

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