May 26

I crawled top 25K sites for Speed analysis.

I decided to scan the top 25K websites on the internet The purpose was to see who all were still implementing the meta keyword tag. As I started crawling these websites the experiment became bigger and bigger. Below I present some of my findings.

I used the top 25K list from Quantcast. Approximately 1120 sites had a hidden profile so I could scan only 23880 websites.

1) Response times

Approximately 1352 websites failed either a DNS lookup or the connection timed out (slower than 20 seconds).

Here is a table for the response times of these sites.

1 9170 38.4
2 7380 30.9
3 3393 14.21
4 1218 5.1
5 818 3.43
6 196 0.82
7 65 0.27
8 44 0.18
9 187 0.78
10 31 0.13

Approx 92% of the sites opened up in the first 5 seconds.

  • less than 1000 websites were above 5 seconds.

Response codes

  • 5.6% (1352 took longer than expected or had no response.
  • 63.85% had 200 status ok. (2xx)
  • 28.57% used a redirect. ( 3xx )
  • 1.68% (402) websites had a not found error (4xx)
  • 0.23% had a server error (5xx)

Bonus Analysis on analytics software.

I also crawled their web page to find out how many were using Google tag manager. I also checked for others such as

This is a relative percentage markup as not each site was tracked or followed. Approx 13K sites provided some sort of a js code to detect what system they were using.

The following is the table breakdown.

Contains: googletagmanager 1243 8.17%
Contains: google-analytics 8553 56.19%
Contains: doubleclick 3218 21.14%
Contains: marketo 126 0.83%
Contains: adobe 986 6.48%


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Ajay Chavda is the co-founder of Weboptimizers, an SEO agency in Melbourne and has been involved with SEO for over 15 years. Between the digital properties and security forums he has managed, his articles have been read by approximately 50 million unique visitors.

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