Create a Facebook Sponsored Post 101


Hey everyone, my name’s Yeshmin and today I’m going to talk you through the basics of how to create a Facebook Sponsored post, sponsored posts have SO many benefits, they’re budget-friendly, it’s easy to reach your audience and also your audiences friends, it’s really effective to promote a sale or an event you have coming up, and it’s really simple to execute. It also helps you get better engagement from followers. It’s going to help you increase your brand awareness, and it’s a bit easier to spot in your newsfeed than your typical post, so it’s going to help you stand out more.

Without further ado, let’s get into how to create one. So from the homepage of your business page, you’ll see on the bottom left-hand side it says promote. Let’s click there. Now we’re presented with these options. As you can see, there are different options we can select, based on the purpose of our promotion. We want to promote our business locally because Mike’s leather has a sale coming up this weekend and we want to promote it to as many people as possible that live nearby. So let’s click on that one.

We want to leave our target location as where our store is or where our sale is. Our sale is at our store, so I’m going to leave that as the location. As you can see, we have the potential to reach 460,000 people. This number will change depending on our preferences in the options below.

Over here, we’re going to target a certain age group. Mikes Leather would like to target an audience that’s between about 20-50 years old. So I’m just going to hit 23-52. This option is super handy if you have a product or want to promote a product that appeals to a certain age group. Mikes Leather Store is unisex, so I’m going to select all for the gender.

Now over here we have interests. We have the option to reach new audiences that have similar interests that align with our product or service. This means we can target users based on their interests that they’ve identified on Facebook. So I want to target people that have shown interest in shopping and fashion, leather, formal wear, online shopping and shoes. Facebook lets you select 3-5 interests.

Now we have automatic placements. This is basically where you give Facebook permission to show your add where they think it will perform the best. We’re going to leave this on. Over here if I click off, as you can see we also have the option to advertise on Instagram and Facebook Messenger. For now, we are just going to advertise our sponsored post through Facebook. We can now get creative with our ad.

We can add an image to our sponsored post that relates to our product and will appeal to our target audience. We want this image to be highly optimised and something that entices our potential customers. So I’m going to pop in an image of some polished leather shoes. As you can see this is a highly optimised image and it promotes premium quality leather products. So you can crop the picture accordingly. I’m just going to make some quick little adjustments here.

The headline is your opportunity to get your business’s message across. So we want to get the message across that Mikes Leather is having a flash sale this weekend. So I’m going to type that in. As you can see, that looks much better than just Mikes Leather.

You can really personalise your ad here. With the call to action, select an option that will benefit your business the most. If you want to get more likes, you can select like page. If you want to get more calls you can select ‘call now’ if you want to give people directions, you will select that one, and then we have ‘learn more,’ ‘send message’ and ‘save’. Mikes Flash Sale is on the weekend, and we are going to assume that people are looking for something to do and want to see if the sale is in their area. So I’m going to leave the call to action as ‘get directions’. We can see how it looks if I select ‘Save’ as the call to action. As you can see, it’s not as effective as ‘get directions’. I want my potential customers to be able to find out immediately where the sale is. So I’m going to leave the call to action as ‘Get directions’.

Now we can run this promotion continuously and it will run based on our daily budget. Or you can choose when the promotion will end. Since this is a one-off flash sale, I’m going to choose when the promotion will end. My daily budget is $20. Based on my daily budget, Facebook tells me how many people I might reach per day. As you can see, this is 810-4000. For the duration of the promotion, you can select, 7 days. 14. Por 28. As you can see, Facebook tells you how much you will spend in this time. Because we only want it to run for two days, I’m going to select the dates and Facebook tells me that it’s going to cost me $40. And it tells me that this add will run for two days.

On the right-hand side, we can now see how our sponsored post would look on a computer or laptop, on a mobile news feed and on an Instagram feed if we selected that option. Now that we’re happy with how our sponsored post looks, we’re going to go ahead and click ‘promote’.

From here you’ll be prompted to select a payment method where you can enter your credit card details or enter your PayPal details or a Facebook ad coupon. And then you’ll click continue. And that’s how you create a Facebook sponsored post. If you enjoyed this video and would like to see more things digital marketing, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button below!