Does a celebrity need an SEO company? A look at how minor celebrities market themselves.

For many burgeoning actors and actresses wanting to make it big in Hollywood, having a following of some kind online or on social media can be a huge boost to your profile. Not only does it put you in front of potential directors who may be looking to cast the next big part in their movie, but it also may directly result in a casting selection if they know that you already have a built-in fan following who is desperate to see you up on the big screen.

But other celebrities can benefit from an SEO company also. In truth, there are some people who are famous because of social media, such as the Kardashians or Youtube superstar PewDiePie, who made nearly $12 million in 2017 alone, bringing his total net worth to somewhere between $30-50 million. Hip-Hop violinist Lindsey Stirling is another Youtube sensation to make it big in entertainment purely because of her online marketing skills.

How Can an SEO Agency Help?

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO as it is commonly known, is the art of ranking high within search engines like Google or Bing, boosting visibility and creating brand awareness. Raise your status up high enough, and people will begin to perceive you as an authority in your niche, which can open the doors to millions of opportunities.Social Media marketing objectives

How can an SEO company help you? Here are a few ways.

Establish Your Brand

If you are a rising star in the entertainment industry, you’ll only have one shot to really cement your reputation in the minds of millions of people who are seeing you for the first time. Who are you? What’s your story? Where did you come from? What’s your talent? A good company will make sure you rank for the most important aspects of your personality, positioning you alongside people who deliver a similar style.

Create Your Online Portfolio

Every artist needs a central hub where they can showcase their talents, whether that’s singing, dancing, or even playing the harmonica. Regardless of what your talent is, having an online portal that people can easily find is a great way to get your name out there, but there’s more to it than simply throwing up a website and hoping for the best. Any agency worth their salt will take the time go through the various points of a good SEO checklist, such as optimizing your site for mobile, creating meta descriptions, doing keyword research, creating relevant content, and reaching out for valuable backlinks, among other things. All of this can be achieved by the celebrity themselves, but it requires years of technical knowledge that has been built up by experience, which is time they most often don’t have.

Integration With Social Media Profiles

Anyone who is anyone is on social media, which means if you’re a celebrity that is looking to make it big, you at least need to be present and active on the Big Three: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (any more is just a bonus). It’s vital that your profiles work synergistically: same or similar profile image, cross-posting various contents and posting about any upcoming events. You also will need to respond and interact with your fans. While some celebrities may have time for that, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to respond to most, so having an agency that can do that for you is important.

Manage Your Reputation

For celebrities, perception is everything. If a celebrity walks their dog on the wrong day of the week, social media and online news outlets will light up and begin calling for the celebrity’s head. This is where a valuable digital marketing company will come in handy. Not only can they identify potential news stories and reach out to them before they become too big, but they can also monitor review sites, forums, press releases and more – anything where the celebrity’s name appears – in an effort to mitigate down the negative press. This is a 24/7 job and it requires a complex set of tools to do all of it at the same time.

How Does It All Work?

Most reputable companies operate the same way regardless of the industry that they operate in.

1. Identify Career Goals. The agency will sit down with the celebrity and their agent and discuss opportunities and what the celebrity wants to accomplish, both personally and privately. If they want to get involved in philanthropic work, that will become a central point of their practice. If they want to get noticed for foreign language films, that will become the focus. Whatever it is, the agency will present a variety of SEO packages that will help meet those goals.

2. Analyze Potential Opportunities. They will then take an in-depth look at the celebrity’s profile, analyzing weak spots as well as areas for improvement. They will most likely perform a full audit on your website and present the celebrity with a variety of options to implement.

3. Gain Feedback and Implement. Depending on what the celebrity wants to achieve, several SEO services will be presented. Once the celebrity voices their opinion, they will take the feedback and implement it into their approach, creating a custom-made approach that will achieve those goals.

4. Measure and Adapt. Every good search engine campaign needs to be monitored closely in order to track the success of each individual approach. Using a variety of sophisticated tools, the company will monitor the impact and make changes as necessary.

Is SEO Right For Every Celebrity?

The truth is, not every celebrity will need an agency to work with them on their digital approach. Some may have the time to devote to it themselves (or may just prefer to do it themselves), while others may have a profile that doesn’t need much brands boosting. A-list superstars like Brad Pitt or Beyonce already have enough visibility, so much so that when you google any one of their movies or genres, they already show up at the top of the charts. In cases like that, there’s not much tweaking that needs to take place outside of brand management and proper maintenance.

There are some celebrities where having a digital marketing company can come in very handy.

1. To Show Off Niche Expertise. If a celebrity has an expertise in a certain niche or genre, associating that person with that skill through keyword-rich content on a website can be a powerful tool to help that celebrity get more credibility in that area. Not only will they be able to showcase their talents, but they’ll put themselves on a shortlist for companies who need those exact skills.

2. To Help With Sponsorship Opportunities. In years past, brands would use a celebrity to endorse their product because of their wide appeal. These days, companies pay millions of dollars every year to have celebrities endorse their products, primarily because they have a built-in targetted audience that meets the exact demographic they want to reach. Rather than use a celebrity that appeals to everyone, they pick an influencer who has the strong appeal for the right group.

3. To Gain Valuable Roles. Entertainment is all the same, whether that’s music, movies, theatre, or anything else. Entertainment companies want to make a profit, which comes about by having as many people consume their entertainment as possible. Because of that, people who have a reputation in a certain area already are given preference because of the assumption that their audience will consume that entertainment. One of the most famous examples of this is actress Sophie Turner, who landed a big role on Game of Thrones in large part thanks to her massive fan following. If that’s not a ringing endorsement for the power of digital marketing, then nothing is.

4. To Gain an Audience. If you’re just starting out as an entertainer and need a following to get your foot in the door, a digital marketing agency can help supercharge that process. Through paid advertising and lead generation practices, the right agency can help you target the exact demographic you’re hoping to appeal to, allowing you to move that audience in front of the right influencers who will then (hopefully) hire you. There’s no need to spend years hoping to be seen by the right person; with effective marketing techniques, you can force yourself in front of people who act as decision-makers in the genre of your choice.

5. To Polish Your Brand. Certain people gain a reputation for being difficult or hot-headed when working with directors or music producers, and as a result, may be un-hireable by the rest of the industry. Effective website management and brand-building can help to mitigate those threats by looking towards negative review sites and hopefully balancing out the content. It won’t be able to undo all the damage, but a good digital marketing agency can be your publicist’s best friend.

Hiring out search engine optimization work isn’t for every celebrity, but unless you’re an A-list star, there should be plenty of room to improve. If nothing else, getting your talents in front of the right people can be a good first step and may even be the most pivotal move of your career.