Jun 19

Don’t use Google Tag Manager For Schema Markup

Just a quick note on using Google Tag Manager to markup schema.

Our SEO page ranks really well on search engines. Before it was the SEO guide, we had the SEO page talk about our SEO services.

We used the Google tag manager to input schema (reviews) for this page and set the tag to only fire when the page was loaded.

2 months in we got hit with a penalty in Google search results for that page including manual penalty update in Google Search Console.

We quickly get rid of the schema and our page starts serving again.

April 17th – Manual penalty from Google. No email to the webmaster.

  • April 23rd – Submitted reconsideration request
  • April 25th – Reconsideration request approved
  • May 6th – First signs of recovery
  • May 12th – Full recovery

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Ajay Chavda is the co-founder of Weboptimizers, an SEO agency in Melbourne and has been involved with SEO for over 15 years. Between the digital properties and security forums he has managed, his articles have been read by approximately 50 million unique visitors.

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