Euro Solar has quickly turned itself into Australian solar powerhouse by growing from their humble beginnings.Euro Solar has always maintained a significant presence in TV, Offline Media, Online and even sponsorship opportunities. Their digital strategy is finely tuned to reflect the ever need to be a national player in solar space. With Weboptimizers customized digital strategy including SEO campaign, PPC management and brand awareness campaigns, Eurosolar has established a stronghold in the digital arena. Eurosolar is currently ranked as the #1 retailer in Australia.

Euro Solar and Weboptimizers have maintained an increasing digital partnership which has enabled Euro Solar to turn itself into a global player. With increasing competitors and solar quote companies, Euro Solar has managed to gain current #1 solar retailer in Australia.

Euro Solar and Weboptimizers have worked together on numerous projects including contributing to certain open source projects that power the Euro Solar backend infrastructure.

Weboptimizers Novel CRO techniques including recommendations to incorporate customer validating ideas and paid strategies saw Euro solar increase their conversions by 369.38% in 2016 for YOY comparison. Their online campaigns, when themed with other offline marketing, provided higher returns on their combined effort as compared to their returns in the previous years. The subsequent increase in audience engagement also meant more trust and brand searches for the Euro Solar campaign.

Euro Solar reviews quite a few strategies for digital innovation every year with Weboptimizers:


  • CRO
  • SEO
  • Paid search
  • Novel methods for community engagement
  • Innovative portal and customer management
  • Cloud Technologies for growth
  • Mobile Engagement
  • Online marketing Strategies


Euro solar’s commitment to Solar is second to none, and their digital-first approach has paid a massive dividend for their global strategy.

Weboptimizers Mobile strategies for Euro Solar including recommendations to layout changes provided 224% more conversions for mobile visitors.

A significant amount of experimentation happens with Euro solar’s digital team. Including optimizing for conversions and increasing the volume of traffic, Euro solar also monitors their social media activity. The new offers from Euro solar are probably the cheapest in the market while also maintaining a significant amount of production value compared to other solar providers.

The better offers attract quite a large amount of traffic and hence also draws a large amount of noise. On average Euro solar’s landing pages performed 12% better than the solar industry benchmarks. For a very large sample size in traffic, making smaller changes and testing them versus both bounce and conversion resulted in a better and more optimal landing page.

One of the key factors that was realized from these experiments was that the users spent a lot of time seeking answers to specific questions. Euro Solar then developed an FAQ page to help mitigate some of the incoming calls they got for questions.

Floating share bars and excess JavaScript were removed from the site after excess amount of JS slowed down the site considerably.

While the entire solar industry is obsessed over looking for postcodes and finding the type of property, Euro solar-focused on call and lead conversions first.

Resource Pages

Evolution of Euro solar’s landing page.

With the evolution of the landing page after a large amount of split testing, almost 300% increase was observed in form conversions.

In addition to improving the conversion rate, we analysed if the Euro Solar website could benefit from some UX/UI review.

Reviewing competitor’s site, performing usability studies with people from different age groups and finding the optimal funnel to conversions was also explored in the early part of 2016.

Usability Review

The UX/UI review was done using the demographics as

  • Older male, not savvy
  • Middle-aged female, very savvy
  • Younger female, savvy

3 sets of tasks were allocated for each user and each user was then recorded. The study was blinded and the consumers were not aware of the company that was doing the research.

  • 100% of the users found Euro solar’s website usable and easy.
  • 100% of the users found Euro solar’s website better than competitors.
  • 67% of the users converted by filling out the form.

Overall Euro solar’s website and the digital strategy worked in sync with their brand presence across the board.

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