Facebook Messenger Marketing: How can I Increase my Online Exposure?

How can I Increase my Online Exposure?

In today’s technological landscape, social media websites have become some of the most popular sites in the world, with most people spending a decent amount of time on services every day. In fact, the phenomenon is so culturally ingrained that many users associate the internet with Facebook and consider it a primary outlet for communicating with friends and family, more so than email and other forms of correspondence.

Because Facebook is a free service, they make their money through advertisements, which offer high profile spots for businesses to sell their services to people browsing. Facebook advertising may seem like a not useful way to advertise in this day and age, but it is one of the most lucrative ways to get your product out there. People who come across social media marketing and similar forms of online marketing are highly receptive to the targeted advertising that they see and, because of their frequent use of all of Facebook’s elements, being perceptible to the ads they see around them comes with the territory.

Like the penchant as mentioned earlier of many using Facebook as a primary means of communication, Facebook Messenger becomes another crucial place for users to see ads. This is exponentially increased by the fact that many users who stop using their general Facebook account still use Facebook Messenger to stay in contact with friends and family, giving your advertisements reach even beyond the market of people actively using Facebook.

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What is Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Facebook Messenger is a text messaging app that runs through the Facebook service to allow users to connect with each other and exchange messages in real time. The easy-to-use interface and the different communication methods, video calling, and .gif keyboards make it a prevalent form of communication among people of all ages.

Here are some added benefits:

  • Advertisers are given an outlet to begin promoting their services in a way that engages consumers on a very intimate basis. A reason that Facebook Messenger Marketing is becoming so popular is that it allows advertisers to connect with users individually in easily accessible, quick-to-read messages.
  • The short messages are the platform’s most significant advantage in regards to getting ads to consumers, but it can also be one of its strongest detriments. The reason being that it can be difficult to effectively gauge how to write the perfect message and which messages will resonate with which users.
  • Bots and developers can connect to users through Messenger to display these short messages as means of advertising new products, sharing shipping updates on products one has ordered, or even take in new purchases that somebody wants to acquire.

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Facebook messenger can be a form of advertising as well as it can be customer support-oriented, making it a truly versatile tool to use when trying to connect with users in a new, highly-effective way. Not only do people engage with it 15 times more than other apps, but even 73% of people use it and prefer it when compared to alternative types of customer support, such as phone-based or email-based services.

A typical conversation with a Facebook Messenger Marketing account is as such: somebody can reach out explaining their issue and be sure to receive a response in nearly under a minute with information on how to troubleshoot their product or be sent a replacement. Because this removes the need to wait in line on a support telephone number, this feature is much preferable for people who don’t like being on hold, prefer quick service, or both.

Often customers only have simple questions or concerns that can you can resolve in a few sentences, so the actual phone call itself is often more extended than the time spent solving the exact problem. Utilising Facebook Messenger Marketing to its full extent allows businesses to create less hassle for employees and their customers, increasing approval ratings on both sides and ultimately making it easier to run ad campaigns.

Beyond these conversations, it is also more straightforward to communicate ads to people over Facebook Messenger. Since they’ll be checking their phone repeatedly to respond to messages on a regular basis, they will also continually see the ads that you are inserting to the program, making it more likely that they will engage with the advertisement, leaving you with higher interaction and revenue results.

Facebook Messenger Ads engage users through targeted messages, directly writing to somebody to advertise any given product. Consequently, there is almost no required interaction necessary to view the Facebook message because the person involved has already seen it.

The only negative aspect of Facebook Messenger Marketing is that you can only send direct messages to people who you have already interacted with, making it less likely that you will reach people who haven’t connected with your page before.

However, this isn’t necessarily a deterring factor to advertising through the service. Quite the contrary; by using customer service support like mentioned above through Facebook Messenger, you can begin the conversation with your clients, allowing you to then message them directly for further ads. By doing so, this means that not only can you communicate directly to your customers, but that those who genuinely want them and will respond positively to the ads will be seeing them, creating a more dedicated network for consistent customers to interact with regularly.

As a versatile service, Facebook Messenger has many ways in which you can connect with people. It is technically a new set of guidelines and tactics to follow, but learning them can be an excellent service to any ad campaign you are trying to run. This is because the majority of people associate Facebook with connection, friends, and family, so it will undoubtedly be a place they come back to on a daily, if not hourly basis. Facebook Messenger is also a great way to advertise scarcity of stock to sell more products online. 

Why Bother?

The biggest asset to using Facebook Messenger Marketing is that the number of ads that are seen and then interacted with is unparalleled to any other advertising format in similar applications. Over 1.3 billion people are using Messenger and can see your ad when you advertise through the service, with one study even showing that there was an 88% open rate per ad.

Facebook’s continual and unprecedented growth also provides a very optimistic view into what can happen when you team up with one of the world’s largest-growing businesses to create ads that target a wide variety of people. As of mid-2018, this growth shows no signs of slowing down, with Facebook continuing to dominate both in social media popularity and internet usage.

Though it may seem like an added effort to understand, using Facebook Messenger Marketing will eventually take pressure off of your company and employees in these ways:

  • Bring The Support Directly To The Customers: As we’ve described earlier in this article, using Messenger as a platform for customer service streamlines the issue effectively, allowing you to solve problems quickly. It’s easy to see that people typically take up their concerns with a given product or company on social media, as evidenced by the numerous reviews left on pages—there’s no reason why you shouldn’t pair this with customer support, giving them an option to troubleshoot or speak with an employee before posting a lukewarm review.
  • Read And Respond To Customer Feedback In Real-Time: Allowing customers to contact you directly for feedback can help you in the long run, as bad reviews won’t stick out as much in the public eye and you can show the customers how much you truly care by communicating thoroughly and directly to accommodate their needs. If the customer decides to post on your general Facebook page, the same person operating the Messenger service can respond in a comment on the page so people can see the resolution being made and think highly of the customer service.
  • Use It As An Online Communication Tool: Some hotels have even begun the practice of using Facebook Messenger Marketing to create, update, or cancel existing reservations. This provides another outlet outside of phone calls for customers to modify their experience, without the need for a specific live chat feature on your website. This is also more convenient for customers because they won’t have to go to one particular site to access a live chat feature and they can also keep their messages centred to their main messaging app.
  • Input Services Into Messenger: Companies like Uber have taken to the idea of Facebook Messenger Marketing wisely by integrating their services directly into the app—using Facebook Messenger, users can state their plans, address, and then request a ride directly within the app via the Uber service. This level of integration removes even more effort than before for getting a ride, making consumers far more likely to use Uber.

All of these points will benefit your company greatly because it will show to people that you care about not only providing excellent service but also troubleshooting any concerns customers may have. For many, seeing good employees troubleshoot issues in person isn’t the most convenient thing compared to fixing problems online and at home, so having a good online presence is critical. To do this doesn’t even require spending a lot of money on tech-savvy employees, as many of the skills associated with customer service can be easily relocated to a Facebook Messenger position to communicate with clients directly.

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The Key Elements of Facebook Messenger Marketing

  • Character Limits: One of the tricky parts of using Facebook Messenger Marketing to advertise to consumers is the character limit, which limits you to 160 characters in a greeting message and 640 per additional message. Of course, you can go over this limit and have the service split your writing into two messages, but it’s best to be concise. The type of phone you have will also affect this, with iPhones being able to display 158 characters in a notification while Android phones only being able to display 40.
  • Campaigns: Creating campaigns through Facebook Messenger Marketing means that you can continually update people with a stream of information, similar to a newsletter or email list. This is useful for customers to stay up-to-date in a way that goes directly to them and isn’t left up to the seemingly unpredictable news feed algorithms.
  • Responses: Not only can you write users directly and implore them to respond, but you can also set buttons within the messenger app that allow the users to reply without having to type anything! This makes setting something like a reservation or subscribing to a newsletter intuitive and straightforward. All it takes is a click of a button for messages to be sent out to a single list of people in an intimate way, something that has not been replicated as effectively in other services or applications.

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Hot Tips For Businesses

Because there are so many ways to use Facebook Messenger Marketing, we thought we’d provide you with an even more concrete list of ways in which you can ensure the success of your advertisements by using Messenger:

  • Personalised Messages: Because you can write people directly, you can personalise messages depending on who it is you’re speaking with, using their targeted interests and previous interactions with the company to know what type of information they need and enjoy. If you are sending images in your personalised messages, ensure that they are highly optimised.
  • Turning Your Brand Into An Individual: One of the best parts about using Facebook Messenger Marketing is the ability to bring a renewed sense of intimacy to your consumer interactions—by having somebody behind the company account messaging people directly, it makes the corporation look more like a customer, which can create a positive consumer-company relationship in the long run.
  • Use Emojis: Facebook Messenger is full of different emojis, emoticons, and .gifs you can use to spice up your messages. People of all ages now use emojis so much that they are practically part of our vernacular, so using them to your advantage will help make not only your brand sound hip but communicate effectively. This type of communication will also look more personable to consumers, so it is recommended that you incorporate fun imagery into your messages for maximum effect! Companies such as Denny’s have learned to integrate emojis into their messages, making their communication more relatable and attractive.
  • Keep It Short And Sweet: The character limit on messages inherently forces you to keep your messages short, but even without it conciseness would be essential. Being concise and to-the-point with your consumers removes the amount of effort they have to give to read an advertisement, significantly increasing your chances of them seeing your whole message and subsequently reacting to it.

emoticonTake Your Brand To The Next Level Today

While deciding which route to take for your next ad campaign, it can feel overwhelming to have to budget resources and figure out how to redesign your company’s overall reach to be seen by as many users as possible.

However, it’s much appreciated and relieving to know that you don’t have to put in a ton of effort to utilise the new technology to get your ads seen in new ways. In fact, you may be able to even downsize on employees and save money by making use of services like Facebook Messenger to streamline your advertising and customer service processes. You won’t have to run a pesky live chat feature on your official website anymore once you have control over the Facebook Messenger fanbase of over 1.3 billion people (and growing)! By improving your company’s connection to Facebook Messenger, you can change the way you run ad campaigns for years to come and begin benefitting from one of the world’s fastest-growing businesses!

Facebook Messenger Marketing provides a new avenue for companies to explore interacting with their customers directly, providing them with an intimate form of communication that is also incredibly convenient. In many households in 2018, utilising Facebook can be a great way to stay in touch with your friends, family, and the products that you admire. Many people use Facebook as a means of communication but also as a means of subscription, liking pages of services and artists they appreciate to stay up-to-date on Facebook pages.

By using targeted ads and directly engaging customers through customer support messages and bots, you can make sure that your content reaches interested customers while also helping those who are already dedicated consumers troubleshoot their issues with ease! Ultimately, not only will you increase your business exposure, but also your customer-company relationship, making people have more faith in what you do and be more likely to interact with your ads!