Google Adwords Management

You have a budget. You know your potential and ideal customers. You have been trying to have a maximum reach using various offline and online marketing strategies. You have not been able to make a significant impact on your targeted demographics. Getting us to manage the account means improving your account quality score and at the same time spending on keywords that will get you sales.

  • Our Google AdWords team have experience dealing with large volume accounts
  • We know the variations in pay per click campaigns and utilise tools to maximise returns
  • We use options like “broad matching” and ”negative keywords” to maximise your results
  • We have an extensive experience in managing thousands of keywords and spotting trend in PPC campaigns
  • We will take time to test out different combinations and perform various tests to maximise your sales

Weboptimizers provides professional Google Adwords Management services that will result in your website getting almost instant exposure on search engine results. Our Google Adwords management lets a website place its sponsored ads on Google search engine results. If you are a business owner looking for exposure online to generate more sales and thereby more profits, let us help.

All businesses need online exposure. If you are wondering how to go about getting exposure for your business, perhaps Google Adwords should be high on your list of things to do.

Here’s how a Google Adwords campaign works:

  • When a person searches for something on Google they see 4 sponsored results at the top. Such sponsored websites appear at the top of Google’s rankings and hence are highly visible. When your website gets a Google Adwords campaign running, it will get listed in the same way as a sponsored listing.
  • Content networks that display contextual ads and have the same keywords as is applicable to your website and business too will be part of your Google Adwords campaign. Your website will be placed as sponsored ads on such networks. These are called display campaigns.
  • Individual websites which have the keywords and content that are closely related to your business too will have your sponsored ads as long as they participate in Google’s display program.
  • When a person clicks on any of the ads placed in any of the places discussed above, Google will charge the relevant business for connecting a highly contextual person.
  • You pay only when a person clicks on your sponsored ad. This means you pay only for results

We have run Google Adwords campaigns for a range of clients. Managing a  Google Adwords campaign requires a great understanding of how the top ads behave in search engines & in-depth keyword analysis. We have a great team of qualified professionals that are Google qualified for managing your AdWords account.

Wondering whether you should hire us? Well, here’s why choosing Weboptimizers over others is in your best interests:

  • We have an extensive team that researches keywords suited for your business, what other bids are behaving like in similar websites and how often people actually search for such keywords
  • We understand that a  Google Adwords bidding management is not easy and we are ready to work hard to get your website the highest exposure
  •  Google Adwords management can get quite complicated to do on your own.
  • We deliver results.

At Weboptimizers, we offer dedicated Google Adwords Management to increase your business’s chances of succeeding.