Google Search Console: Removing A URL Just Got Quicker!

By now if you know about SEO, you probably already know about the Google URL removal tool. This utility helps website owners prevent Google users from finding old or otherwise undesirable pages from the Google index. In case you don’t know, the tool is available by logging into Google Search Console.

We’re aware of how people, in the past, have thought about the Google removal tool. After all, webmasters who tried the tool often felt as though it didn’t work. For this reason alone, many of us have stopped wasting our time using it. However, a recent tweet from the official Google Webmasters Twitter account says that Google now quickly processes removal requests.

In that Tweet, Google tells us that removal requests are processed within a day. However, expecting results in a half hour or less is unrealistic, they say. So, we want you to know that you can use the Google URL removal tool with confidence and confirm its results within 24 hours.

Google URL Removal

With that being said, we also want you to understand the temporary nature of actions taken via Google’s URL removal tool. After successful removal, the URL in question will only Afterwards from Google search results for three months. Afterwards, removed URLs will reappear.

One of the reasons we recommend that you use the Google Search Console URL removal tool because of its rapid results. You can now quickly act to prevent mistakes from disrupting your SEO strategy.

Additionally, we recommend that you choose a permanent solution to remove unwanted URLs from Google. For example, you can redirect offending URLs via a 404 (not found) error message. Another option, 410 (Gone) will also work.

When Google’s crawlers see 404s and 410s, they will permanently remove the associated URLs from the Google index. You can also accomplish this by requiring login credentials from anyone trying to access a bad URL. Of course, you will probably have to wait longer than a day for Google’s crawlers to take this action.