Influencer Marketing: How Do I Find The Best Influencers To Promote My Business?

If you’re looking for a way to grow your company, influencer marketing is right for you, but what is it? Influencer marketing is hiring a spokesperson to promote your business, and this strategy is used by some of the world’s most successful corporations.

We feel that it’s one of the best online marketing strategies, and here’s how you can make it work for your business:

The Spokesperson Doesn’t Have To Be World-Famous:

Hiring a celebrity to promote your business is extremely expensive, but it’s often much cheaper to hire someone who is well-known locally. Not only will this save you a lot of money, but hiring a spokesperson who is famous locally might be more effective than hiring a celebrity. Here’s why we feel this is the case:

  • People often see a well-known endorsed figure who is not famous as more trustworthy than a celebrity endorsement.
  • If you have a brick and mortar store, a local spokesperson will ensure that people from your area are drawn to your store, and the effect of a celebrity spokesperson may be too broad.

Figure Out Who Will Manage Your Influencer Marketing Campaign:

We feel that you should always ensure that the campaign is managed by someone who has experience with influencer marketing. Additionally, you should compare rates between marketing firms if you will be hiring someone. If you have a marketing department, these employees will usually be able to manage the campaign.

Determine Who Your Influence Marketer Will Be Targeting:

We feel that it’s crucial to make sure that your influence marketer will be relatable to the demographic of people that you are trying to sell your products or services to. Here are some ways to determine the demographics of people who visit your website:

  • Give people who visit your website a survey.
  • Many hosting providers tell you what part of the world visitors to your website are from. While the geolocation that many hosting providers offer is not 100% accurate, it is accurate most of the time.

Make Sure They Are Right For Your Brand:

We feel that the influence marketer that you choose should be well-known for something that’s related to the type of product or service that you plan to offer. In other words, make sure that they fit with your niche market and your content marketing plan.

Determine How The Influence Marketer Will Address The Public:

If people see the influence marketer speaking on a YouTube video or television, it often allows prospective customers to connect with them better than if the influence marketer posted written information. Here are some websites that we think will allow your speaker to reach more potential customers:

  • Have the influence marketer post something on Instagram. Instagram is considered one of the world’s most influential websites, and we feel that Instagram is one of the best sites for influencer marketing whether you are in the fashion ecommerce, healthcare, travel, tech or any other industry.
  • Have your influencer marketer post something on Twitter or Facebook. Many people feel that Twitter is likely to increase in popularity over time, but Facebook may become less popular over time.
  • Have them post something on your website.

In most cases, we feel that it’s best if you use more than one of these strategies. If you are unsure of how much you may be charged by an influencer, there are many online tools to help you calculate an estimate.

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Frequently Asked Questions About An Influencer Marketing Strategy

Can Your Influence Marketer Be A Customer?

Your Influence Marketer can be a customer, and we feel that they almost always should be one of your customers. If a customer is your influence marketer, they’ll be able to provide a testimonial for your products or services. Many businesses also find that this helps to boost online sales.

What Are Micro-Influencers?

Micro-Influencers have a direct and personal connection with prospective customers. They don’t just understand the potential customers, we also feel that they have respect for them and for this reason are great to market your product or service on social media.

One significant advantage of micro-influencers is that they will reciprocate and will always genuinely do their best to promote your products or services. Here are some ways to determine if an influencer marketer that you’re considering is a micro-influencer:

  • If someone is only well-known in your area, it’s likely that they are a micro influencer.
  • If a micro influencer is on social media, they generally have between 1,000 and 100,000 followers.

Is It Important To Make Sure That The Influencer Marketer That You Choose Gets A Lot Of Likes On Their Social Media Posts?

If your influence marketer is active on social media, it is vital to make sure that they are getting plenty of likes on their posts.

How Do You Determine The Engagement Rate Of A Potential Speaker?

It’s important to make sure that you choose an influence marketer that has a high engagement rate. If you want to determine a potential influence marketer’s engagement rate, you add up the likes on their last 4-10 social media posts, and then divide this number by the total number of posts that you added up.

After this, divide the average number of likes by the number of followers that the individual has on the social media site. This is the person’s engagement rate, and you should choose a speaker that has an engagement rate of at least 2-3%. However, an especially effective influence marketer may have an engagement rate of 8-10%.

If the influence marketer that you’re considering uses Instagram, it’s a good idea to take a look at the comments that people post in response to their Instagram posts. It’s a good sign if people tend to post comments that are longer than a single sentence.

Doyoutravel Instagram

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Tools To Help You Find An Influencer

We feel that these are the best tools for business owners who are looking for an influence marketer:

Buzz Sumo

Not only does Buzz Sumo show you how much influence a spokesperson that you’re considering will be likely to have, but it can also help to ensure that they are appropriate for your business.

Moz Bar

MozBar is a chrome plugin, and it is available to people who use Moz. It allows you to see the SEO statistics of websites that you visit, and this can help you to identify effective speakers for your business.

Little Bird

Little Bird gives you a list of potential spokespeople for a topic. Little Bird can also show you a list of possible speakers that you have a connection to.


Inkybee can come up with a list of potential speakers for you, and it can filter these lists.

Follower Wonk

Follower Wonk is similar to the advanced search feature of Twitter, but it’s much better for finding an influence marketer. Moz created this useful tool.

Twitter Lists

While Twitter Lists won’t help you find an influence marketer if you don’t know where to begin, you can use Twitter Lists to find information on a speaker you’re considering, publicly posting on Twitter.


Mention gives you a list of influencers in an industry, and this tool is excellent for just about every aspect of designing your influencer marketing campaign.

Hey Press

Hey Press is an affordable tool, and you can get it for only 15 dollars per month. This tool can help you find an influencer for your products or services even if you don’t know where to begin.

Monitoring Success

If more people are coming to your website, this is a healthy sign that your campaign has been a success. Additionally, we feel that an increase in brand loyalty is a good sign, and increased public awareness of your products or services indicates that your influencer marketing campaign has been effective.

If there is an increase in the number of affiliate marketers or people posting promo codes, this is also a sign that the campaign has been a success. A successful influencer marketing campaign is also likely to make your business more well-known on social media, and you are sure to see an uptick in sales if the campaign has been a success.

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