How to Install SEO Plugin on your Website in Under 2 Mintues


Hey everyone. My name’s Yeshmin, and today I’m going to show you how to add a plugin to your website in WordPress. You can install a plugin directly from the admin area. From the WordPress dashboard, on the left-hand side, we want to click on Plug-Ins.

As you can see, this gives us a dropdown with more options. We now want to click on Add New. This brings us to this page with featured plugins, with plugins we can Install Now or plugins that we already have, we can activate. I want to download the Yoast plugin, so I’m going to type that in on the right-hand side and hit Enter.

We already have the Yoast plug-in installed, so as you can see, it says, “Activate.” If you don’t already have it installed, it will say, “Install Now.” Ours isn’t activated, because as you can see down the bottom here, we have Yoast Premium. Yoast Premium just has seven additional features. You can click on More Details here to find out more information about the plug-in before you install or activate it. At the moment, Yoast is considered one of the most comprehensive SEO software available for WordPress users.

Don’t forget to activate the plug-in after you install it. In doing so, this means you’re making sure it goes live on your website so that you can utilise it.

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