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Case studies

Their organic revenue grew by 35% and 41% of increased transactions.

370% increase in paid conversions and 700% increase in branded searches.

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  • 1700% increase in revenue for an online retailer
  • 1100% increase in organic traffic for a healthcare business
  • 455% improvements in conversion rates for a moving business
  • Development of a framework for decision making for HIPPO (highest paid person in the organisation)
  • Creating a strong online positioning against large competitors

Client Testimonials

Karthik Krishnan


I worked with Ajay for close to a year whilst an Account Manager at Google. One of his clients was in my business portfolio and we developed a great working relationship in trying to ensure that the client’s (fairly sizable) AdWords spend was being well utilized.

Throughout the period, Ajay was co-operative, keen to take on new ideas and pro-active about implementing them. I could tell that he wanted to do his best by the client and always had time to discuss the finer details of their account. On several occasions, Ajay asked highly insightful questions that required me to do my research and get back to him sine these were questions that ultimately helped the advertising performance.

I highly recommend Ajay, and by extension Weboptimizers, as a digital marketing agency to businesses in Australia. In comparison to many other’s I have worked with, they seem to really care and moreover, they know what it takes to succeed.


Peter Emerson

Click on Rentals

Weboptimizers have really helped us grow and increase our business. When we had our first meeting with them we told them what we wanted done and they did everything we asked of them in a timeline that suited us. Very professional and easy to deal with company. Highly recommend.

Give me my FREE website strategy session

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Landing Pages That Convert

In between 2011 to 2016, we spent 12 million dollars on 3 landing pages. Each landing page had two variation – a total of six landing pages. One landing page performed twice better than the second-best performing page.

This page converted so well that it created inquiries at the rate of 10% and phone calls at the rate of 4%.

Before we started running ads on this page, we sat down with folks from Google. They wanted to test all the landing pages and the website for user experience. They got participants to attend an inhouse research session. There were a total of 9 participants of different age groups.

Participants received a set of instruction to browse the landing pages. 8/9 participant chose the best-converting landing page as the winner. We then ran millions of dollars in paid ads on these pages. The page chosen by the participants continued to be a winner. We put together a list of strategies from this experiment. Since then, we have applied these strategies to hundreds of companies for results nothing short of astounding. A few of them include well-known brands.

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The Difference

Have you even wondered, as I have, what makes the difference between two landing pages ? It isn’t always that one page is asthetically better looking.  It isn’t that one landing page has better call to action than the other.

The difference lies in how the landing page is targeted toward the visitor and how that page communicates.

The landing page was converting so well that at one point we were spending $750K per month on that one single landing page. The revenue it generated was to the tune of $30 million.

And that is why, after 12 years of running experiments on hundreds of different pages, I have put together this course. For that is the purpose of this course: to give you the subscriber the knowledge on what it takes to generate hundreds of thousands of sales on a landing page.

The course in just a few lessons, will help you learn

  • How to structure your landing pages
  • How to develop your value proposition ( with examples )
  • How to do competitive research ( with examples )
  • How to improve the chances of conversion
  • How to develop your copy
  • How to maximize your ecommerce conversion rates
  • How to understand you funnel and how to develop it
  • How to maximize your return on ad spend

This course does the heavylifting for you …telling you exactly how to structure your landing page, how to position the offer, and how to get the visitors to take the desired action.

At the end of you taking this course, one of the three things will happen :

  1. You will love the course and decide to implement the learnings on your own.
  2. You will love the course and decide to hire my agency to personally help execute, maximize, and profit from it asap.
  3. In the unlikely event that you feel you wasted your time, I will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

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Here are some companies whose results we can talk about

Luna Parks

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Increase in revenue YOY


Increase in organic traffic

Three Seas

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Cost reduction


Increase in search volume

Click On Rentals

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Increase in number of enquiries


Increase in organic traffic

BFree Intimate Apparel

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Increased in sales


Increase in organic traffic

Euro Solar

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Increase in paid conversions


Increased in brand searches

CH Smith Marine

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Increase in paid traffic revenue


Increase in overall revenue


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Increase in transactions


Increased in organic revenue

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This course is NOT for you if…

  • Your idea of improving landing pages is to change button colours and text
  • You think that optimisation is simple test, rinse and repeat
  • You believe that landing page optimisation is all about hacks and tactics

This course is essential for you if...

  • You already have a basic understanding of landing pages and would like a more strategic approach to building tests.
  • You are an agency full of clients and would like to cut through to the core of things that work
  • You develop hypothesis on random ideas and require a process to put together you landing pages
  • You have budget of more than 10K to spend on your paid ads.
  • You have already applied all the ideas you could think of and would like to apply cutting edge techniques to your landing pages.

Course Curriculum

Before creating landing pages or running paid campaigns, understanding the funnel is crucial. Before we dive into designing your own marketing campaigns, it is useful to understand that all outcomes are rooted in the funnel. Funnel is a concept that a you will utilise on a day to day basis if you intend to run experiments in conversion rate optimisation (CRO) . Funnels are very useful abstractions to measure and optimise conversions in a multi-step process.

  • What is a funnel
  • Stages of a funnel
  • How to define your funnel
  • How to put funnel into the context when designing your landing pages

Competitive research improves your chance of creating a unique positioning in the market. Competitive research will also give you the ability to see how competitors position themselves in the market. You will learn

  • How to perform competitive research
  • How to use tools like screming frog
  • How to perform Google searches for competitve research
  • How to define competitors value proposition
  • How to get access to competitors PDF or ebooks for free stealthily

Value proposition may be evident in your product/service before you write your copy. However, for a lot of businesses, you will have to sit down, brainstorm and derive their value proposition. The chapter will take your through

  • How to derive your value proposition
  • How to position your landing page in the market
  • How to avoid the common pitfalls
  • What not to worry about
  • Full examples included

Landing page are the first impression of your company. The landing pages convey the problem your organisation tackles and the solution it offers. Some organisations spend a large amount of time optimising the homepage as most visitors will eventually land on the homepage. Others create persona specific landing pages to target and convert audiences using their marketing funnel. Here you will learn

  • How to write copy for your audience
  • How to focus on the customer in your copy
  • How to improve your narrative
  • How to select your feature image
  • The most common tactics that will work by default

eCommerce usually requires selling products for a value, the customer that land on your site generally fall within the product aware stage or higher.

The best way to convert a consumer in an eCommerce store is to convince them of the product benefits over the other products in the market. If the key value proposition is communicated effectively, there are only handful of other tactics that aid conversions. You will learn

  • How to write product copy
  • How to improve urgency and social proof
  • How to create scarcity of stock
  • How to get product recommendations
  • How to add other elements that improve conversions

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