Jul 26

Meta Keywords On the top 25K Websites.

Last month I crawled the top 25K websites. I collected information relating to tag manager, titles, page load times and so on. We run a lot of these experiment at our agency and collect data to keep tabs on Google’s latest organic ranking changes.

I was surprised to see that Meta keywords aren’t dead yet. At least 15K sites from the top 25K were still carrying meta keywords.

See the table below for the breakdown.

  • All – 15221
  • Missing – 8060
  • Duplicate – 920
  • Multiple – 52

All in all a very surprising statistic.

About The Author

Ajay Chavda is the co-founder of Weboptimizers, an SEO agency in Melbourne and has been involved with SEO for over 15 years. Between the digital properties and security forums he has managed, his articles have been read by approximately 50 million unique visitors.

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