PPC Management Services

Are you targeting keywords you can’t rank organically? Are you reaching your potential customers? Need immediate exposure to content platforms? Want instant business growth?

Weboptimizers, a Google AdWords partner company, provides professional PPC management services to help businesses get a paid advertising placement as a part of the sponsored listing in various search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

As an advertiser, you bid on a particular keyword or a relevant phrase for your product. The amount of bid is directly related to the relevancy of your key phrase and your product. This will, in turn, enable your ad to appear in a range of places including the search results.

In addition to getting on top of Google or other sponsored search results, we can help you with the following:

  • Create and manage multiple campaigns
  • Track and report on conversions
  • Track keywords and value of conversions
  • Improve Google Adwords quality score
  • Improve ROI for each dollar spent on pay-per-click advertising

Keyword Bidding

One of the most critical aspects of success in PPC is setting appropriate bids for individual keywords. Bidding extremely high for not so “useful” keywords may make you lose traffic. Bidding too low for keywords that can potentially trigger great business opportunities is something that you want to avoid entirely from the start. Setting appropriate bidding options, matching your prospective clients to the right ads and getting them to take action are paramount for getting ahead in search engine marketing.

  • Setting effective measurement tools and goals
  • Measuring target values and analysis
  • Measuring PPC effectiveness vs. the goal of the campaign
  • Measuring brand outreach and conversions
  • Various reports implicating cost vs. returns analysis

While pay per click advertising provides you with the ability to get your business in different search engines and content networks, managing your PPC advertising could become tough if expert support is unavailable.