PPC Management Services

Are you targeting keywords you can’t rank organically ( SEO services )? Are you reaching your potential customers? Need immediate exposure to content platforms? Want instant business growth?

Weboptimizers, a Google AdWords partner company, provides professional PPC management services to help businesses get a paid advertising placement as a part of the sponsored listing in various search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

As an advertiser, you bid on a particular keyword or a relevant phrase for your product. The amount of bid is directly related to the relevancy of your key phrase and your product. This will, in turn, enable your ad to appear in a range of places including the search results.

In addition to getting on top of Google or other sponsored search results, we can help you with the following:

  • Get listed in sponsored listings
  • Create and manage multiple campaigns
  • Track and report on conversions
  • Track keywords and value of conversions
  • Improve Google Adwords quality score
  • Improve ROI for each dollar spent on pay-per-click advertising

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Advantages of Pay Per Click

From keyword research to competitor intelligence, from appealing ad copies to compelling offer highlights – Pay Per Click Advertising requires not only great planning but also a detailed understanding of visitor psychology, PPC ecosystem and user behaviour to information presented.

There are a lot of advantages and immediate benefits of using a pay per click management services:

  • As a business owner, you have complete control over your daily ad spend and your budget
  • You can specify the type of websites or content networks that you want your ads to appear
  • Effectively take advantage of geographic targeting enables you to connect to the people you serve
  • PPC and more specifically Adwords provides the ability to show different pages to different types of visitors

Why You Need Google AdWords Management?

You have a budget. You know your potential and ideal customers. You have been trying to have a maximum reach using various offline and online marketing strategies. You have not been able to make a significant impact on your targeted demographics. Getting us to manage the account means improving your account quality score and at the same time spending on keywords that will get you sales.

  • Our Google AdWords team have experience dealing with large volume accounts
  • We know the variations in pay per click campaigns and utilise tools to maximise returns
  • We use options like “broad matching” and ”negative keywords” to maximise your results
  • We have an extensive experience in managing thousands of keywords and spotting trend in PPC campaigns
  • We will take time to test out different combinations and perform various tests to maximise your sales

Keyword Research for PPC Advertising

Keyword research is probably the only factor that can by itself decide the effectiveness of your campaign online. If your keywords research is mediocre, and you are optimising your site based on just “consensus”, you may fail not only in your Pay-per-click marketing but also lose all potential customers that you may have gained with your wasted budget.

There are a lot of advantages and immediate benefits of using a pay per click management services:

  • Extensive keyword research using industry leading tools and analytics
  • Competitive intelligence and report on competitor keywords
  • Keywords effectiveness scores and ROI measurement
  • Keyword lists generated for your PPC campaign
  • Constant keyword performance monitoring

Also, choosing the right keywords is the key to a successful PPC campaign, and not everyone has the expertise to do so. Our keyword research works on a highly structured method we have developed which combines measuring the effectiveness of individual keywords and keywords that will yield maximum return, in addition to finding out what your competitors are targeting.

Pay Per Click Bid Strategies

One of the most critical aspects of success in PPC is setting appropriate bids for individual keywords. Bidding extremely high for not so “useful” keywords may make you lose traffic. Bidding too low for keywords that can potentially trigger great business opportunities is something that you want to avoid entirely from the start. Setting appropriate bidding options, matching your prospective clients to the right ads and getting them to take action are paramount for getting ahead in search engine marketing.

  • Setting effective measurement tools and goals
  • Measuring target values and analysis
  • Measuring PPC effectiveness vs. the goal of the campaign
  • Measuring brand outreach and conversions
  • Various reports implicating cost vs. returns analysis

While pay per click advertising provides you with the ability to get your business in different search engines and content networks, managing your PPC advertising could become tough if expert support is unavailable.

Pay Per Click Content/Display network

Content and Display network advertising extends you ads to blogs , informational websites and highly specific websites that have subscribed to Google partner program.

  • Campaign setup for content / display network
  • Keywords differentiation and strategy
  • Ad copies
  • Results and goal measurements
  • Enhanced display campaigns
  • Placement performance and monitoring
  • Measured display partners blocking

Getting your ads on Google ads sponsored websites that people visit the most is easy and highly effective in getting customers who are already interested in your product. Our Google AdWords certified consultants will help you run display campaigns on websites which attract your potential customers.

PPC Bids and Quality Score Management

Managing your total bid quantity and quality score can tricky.
Ad position and your performance depend on two factors – your bid amount and your quality score. Quality score is quite important to ensure that a visitor who clicked through and reached your page gets a great user experience.

  • Quality scores monitoring
  • Enhancing or Optimising user experience based on click through
  • Better classification for better quality score
  • Lower PPC bids as a result of quality score optimisation
  • Diligent optimisation for low quality score keywords

Effective Google AdWords Ad Copies

A successful PPC campaign depends largely upon the merits of an AD copy. Crafting a really high-performing PPC Effective AD copy is nothing short of an art. Qualified and experienced AD copywriters are well aware of standard approaches to writing a new copy and test its effectiveness. They can create unique, original and relevant content for your PPC advertisements. Matching words and phrases with the priorities of prospective customers is the most important requirement to make a PPC campaign successful.
There are few points when crafting a new copy:
  • Pay attention to the actual intentions of web users when creating a new AD copy
  • An AD copy should be like answers to the priorities of internet searchers
  • Facts, not hyperbole are important
  • Do not believe in overnight results – be practical
  • Simplicity and precision are more helpful in the long run
  • Avoid pompous phrases – AD copy is not a high school essay
  • Mention benefits directly and not vague features of your service or product
  • Analyze AD copies of your immediate competitors to gain valuable insights

Pay Per Click Landing Page Optimized

After creating your ads and your campaigns, our monitoring procedures make it easy for you to find out what is working in your campaign and what is not. The landing page results often provide ample insights on where all you efforts should be focused.

First of all, a landing page begins by presenting an internet user with information or any other item that s/he was searching. If you get this part right, you can significantly reduce your overall PPC advertising campaign costs, achieve higher sales, and ensure exceptional customer satisfaction.

  • Landing page creation and optimization
  • Testing multiple ads and multiple campaigns
  • Page segmentation on landing pages
  • Adwords Campaign Experimentation
  • Implementation & optimization of various buttons, forms and call to action
  • Reporting on conversions and ROI

Pay Per Click Multivariate Testing

Multivariate Testing is our premium service offering. If you are just starting out, multivariate testing may not be something you are very knowledgeable about. It is actually not a complicated process but it is a good idea to let the leaders in the business do it for you.
Our services include:

  • A quantified approach to multivariate testing
  • Great service
  • Strategy for A/B or multivariate tests
  • Reporting

Our Multivariate Testing services are meant to test the strength of the PPC management of your website. No matter what kind of business you own, however, big or small, its measuring or monitoring is always necessary. Unless you measure how it is performing, how can you improve it?  So if you have an online business or a business that has an online presence, Multivariate Testing may be something that could lead to higher revenues for you. Multivariate Testing is a quantitative way of measuring and influencing a visitor’s experience on your website.