SEO Services

In 16 weeks, we will help you win big in SEO & SEM, improve your conversion rates and help you grow your revenue. We think you will agree that our approach to SEO & SEM is different to 99.9% of SEO agencies out there.

Weboptimizers have a track record of helping businesses with devising high growth strategies including providing execution expertise. We have helped numerous brands with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services. We have helped businesses with exponential growth, such as:

  • International ecommerce Giants like Stephanie Browne & Megan Park
  • Market Leading Australian Retailers like Colby & Lombards
  • Australian Culture Icons like Lunapark
  • International Household brand names like Denon & HEOS
  • Number #1 retail in their industry in Australia like Eurosolar
  • Australia’s Leading apparel companies like Bfree & Style State
  • Australia’s leading news outlets for Not Profit like ProBono

Our SEO services increase your online visibility and help gain more organic traffic

Every project begins with an audit of your digital properties focusing on how Google looks at your website. Our On-page optimisation focuses on what we can do on your website to improve visibility to search engines. From simple title tag checks to site speed optimisation we optimise your page to outrank your competition.

The technical side of the SEO Audit will also check for Schema implementation and other meta-data that Google recognises and indexes such as:

  • Content type, taxonomies, nodes revision
  • Meta tag analysis and review
  • Internal and external link structure analysis
  • Content analysis
  • Duplicate content
  • Review of URL’s, keywords, and images
  • On-page performance monitoring
  • Google penalties
  • Page fetch times
  • External links
  • Thin pages
  • Content/HTML ratio
  • HTTP response codes
  • Malformed, Excluded and restricted URLs
  • Crawl depth
  • Meta, Header, Robots Noindex

Search Engine Optimisation is an iterative process. Often, the real questions are about usability: What makes it hard for search engines and your users to navigate through your site and find the right information?

A user-friendly website sustains and nurtures users. Plenty of factors affect your search engine rankings, and one of the most critical factors is user experience. By keeping your users happy, you keep your market engaged. Our SEO professionals will conduct a site audit to indicate areas of improvement. A website audit includes an initial review of the site design, web usability and site architecture.

Search Engine Optimisation is still about your customers. It is not about headless browsers and Document Object Model, (DOM) elements. Using dubious methods to trick algorithms is also not a long-term sustainable strategy. That’s why our product delivers steady, long-term organic traffic growth.

Before we can optimise sites for search engines or get the search engines to rank you, understanding the search query of your users is extremely important. Because the search query is the first step in the search process, it is part of the process that is the most important. Understanding a query is important because Google’s features like autocomplete or spell checks depend upon the ability of its algorithm to understand the search intent.

We at Weboptimizers have a deep understanding of semantic resources like taxonomies, ontologies, synonyms, hypernyms, and knowledge graphs. Our understanding of these subjects helps us get the best results for our clients as the keyword research for clients is based on our understanding of these subjects.

Other concepts of note in the competitive research also include query expansion, query relaxation, query rewriting, query scoping and query segmentation.

Content is what a search engine seeks. Technical SEO focuses on improving your existing website crawlability but one of the largest contributors to high traffic is volume of content on your website. Search engines crawl content and that is exactly what they want you to produce if you wish to rank. In the SEO world, content is regarded as king.

SEO Copywriting is the act of writing and designing entire articles, web page content, video descriptions, and photo descriptions centred around the central theme of your business, using keywords relevant to your product and services, and adjusting for your particular ideal client.

Copywriting should be unique, creative, original (never copied or spun), and explicitly describing the exact emotional benefits which your preferred clientele will get from you. The facts will back up and “justify” their emotional decision-making, but their emotions are what makes the decision to buy from you, in the end.

We have developed a unique methodology to optimise sites for the search engines that are proven to improve your search visibility. Some of the advanced SEO concepts we deal with require an in-depth understanding of search engine functioning itself.

There are some other key considerations for a search engine like

  • Query understanding and query rewriting.
  • Head queries match and query intention.
  • Power law distribution
  • Language identification
  • Query filtering
  • Breaking down a query or tokenization
  • Query expansion

SEO Services FAQs

What is the cost of the SEO services?

All SEO services depend on hand-crafted customised strategies and the competition in your industry. The prices are not fixed and we will be able to provide you with some indicative pricing in our consultation.

How many SEO professionals on your team?

25+ Local SEO professionals.

What is included in my SEO Marketing services?

All SEO services are backed by

  • Monthly reports
  • Traffic stats, keyword stats, demographics and ranking reports
  • Strategy discussion
  • Competitive analysis
  • Link building campaign
  • CRO
  • Web Analytics research and insights
  • Website performance optimization

What is the cost of the SEO services?

All SEO services depend on hand-crafted customised strategies and the competition in your industry. The prices are not fixed and we will be able to provide you with some indicative pricing in our consultation.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely. We work with and abide by Australian Privacy Standard.

What are your business hours?

Monday – Friday : 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Case Study

The Three Seas


The business wanted to continue growing
steadily utilising the existing infrastructure
and marketing budget and leverage their
presence on google search engine.


  • Stagnating growth digitally
  • Google penalty for low value link building
  • Reduced search volumes: Losing presence on search engines
  • Improve product launch: Low uptake
  • Consistency: Off peak season client reduction