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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the method of structuring and phrasing written online content for maximum visibility on search engines like Google and Bing. SEO is more than just about search results though. If done right, it can bring in more sales, build brand awareness and increase your website’s conversion rate. An effective SEO strategy not only helps your site rank well in search results but also improves your business prominence online.

Weboptimizers takes a customer-centric approach focusing on users first, making us one of the few companies in Australia with a genuinely innovative outlook. We apply white hat techniques and strategies, which help boost a website’s organic search rankings in a way that is natural, while still being effective. We identify relevant search terms, develop great content and implement tactics which in turn leads to better rankings, increase in sales, and higher Return on Investment, (ROI)

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Why Weboptimizers?

SEO Methodology

Effective SEO is about taking on your competitors where they are weak. You can figure out all the techniques in a month, but applying them to the right places is best left to people who manage it day in, and day out.

Knowing your business, understanding everything about your profitable products, and learning about your weaker corners and constraints helps adjust your strategy for maximum ROI.Our SEO services also cater to improving user experience via CRO and improving speed for your website by utilizing cloud technology.

When you work with us, your business website will gain from the use of our in-house toolset built using machine learning. Our proprietary machine learning SEO tools built for internal use help work on best opportunities focussing on immediate wins delivering highest value in shortest time.

We at Weboptimizers organise our work and suggested web fixes in the order of its impact. We often collaborate closely with the client to implement the proposed digital marketing strategy or get our in-house developers to help with implementation. The people working on your business aren’t your usual account managers: they are successful entrepreneurs, renowned experts, employees from top technology companies and published authors.

We have been working with Weboptimizers for a few months now and they have far exceeded our expectations with their level of knowledge and regular communication. From our first consultation with Ajay to all the up and coming projects we have lined up, Weboptimizers have done an exceptional job. We cannot thank them enough and would highly recommend them.

– Metro Movers

UX/UI & Usability

SEO is a continuous improvement process. Often, the real questions are about usability: What makes it hard for search engines and your users to navigate through your site and find the right information?

A user-friendly website sustains users. Plenty of factors affect your search engine rankings, and one of the most critical factors is user experience. By keeping your users happy, you keep your market engaged. Our SEO consultants will conduct a site audit to indicate areas of improvement. A Website Audit includes an initial review of the site design, web usability, and site architecture.

SEO is still about your customers. It is not about headless browsers and Document Object Model, (DOM) elements. Using dubious methods to trick algorithms is also not a long-term sustainable strategy. That’s why our product delivers steady, long term organic traffic growth.

As an office bearer but lacking specialist IT background I was impressed by the capacity of Weboptimizers’ staff to understand our NGO’s needs, to listen, explain, interpret and translate those needs into a user-friendly web site. This has been a major achievement requiring a high degree of personal, communication and technical, problem solving skill.

– Angela Munro from ABC Friends

SEO Audit

On-page optimisation focuses on what we can do on your website to improve visibility to search engines. From simple title tag checks to site speed optimisation we optimise your page to outrank your competition. The technical side of the SEO Audit will also check for Schema implementation and other meta-data that Google recognises and indexes such as:

  • Content type, taxonomies, nodes revision
  • Meta tag analysis and review
  • Internal and external link structure analysis
  • Content analysis
  • Duplicate content
  • Review of URL’s, keywords, and images
  • On-page performance monitoring
  • Google penalties
  • Page fetch times
  • External links
  • Thin pages
  • Content/HTML ratio
  • HTTP response codes
  • Malformed, Excluded and restricted URLs
  • Crawl depth
  • Meta, Header, Robots Noindex

Weboptimizers are amazing, they are easy to talk to, willing to take on board challenging requests and they have they have produced an amazing website for our business. They have also done an outstanding job of our SEO. I could not recommend these guys enough.

– Maintain Me

Advanced SEO

We have developed a unique methodology to optimise sites for the search engines that are proven to improve your search visibility.Some of the advanced SEO concepts we deal with require an in-depth understanding of search engine functioning itself.

There are some other key considerations for a search engine like

  • Query understanding and query rewriting.
  • Head queries match and query intention.
  • Power law distribution
  • Language identification
  • Query filtering
  • Breaking down a query or tokenization
  • Query expansion
  • Query rewriting
  • Search improvements for head queries
  • Improving results for small search results
  • Human intervention to provide optimal user experience
  • Executing changes incrementally

Talk to us today about improving your pages for query matching.

Weboptimizers have really helped us grow and increase our business. When we had our first meeting with them we told them what we wanted done and they did everything we asked of them in a timeline that suited us. Very professional and easy to deal with company. Highly recommend.

– Peter Emerson from Click On Rentals

Query Understanding

Before we can optimise sites for search engines or to get the search engines to rank you, understanding the search query of your users is extremely important. Because the search query is the first step in the search process, it is part of the process that is the most important. Understanding a query is important because Google’s features like auto complete or spell checks depends upon the ability of its algorithm to understand the search intent.

We at Weboptimizers have a deep understanding of semantic resources like taxonomies, ontologies, synonyms, hypernyms, and knowledge graphs.Our understanding in these subjects helps us get the best results for our clients as the keyword research for clients is based on our understanding of these subjects.

Other concepts of note in the competitive research also include query expansion, query relaxation, query rewriting, query scoping and query segmentation.

Link Building

Link building is vital to a website’s success. We at Weboptimizers understand how proper link building and Public Relations, (PR) can either make or break you.

Our guaranteed link building and PR services will help you increase your site traffic, and reach out to your niche audience. Whether you have a blog that needs more readers, or an online marketing business that thrives on targeted traffic, our excellent link building and PR services are going to catapult your website to success.

Our Enterprise Difference

Enterprises with a good understanding of their customer journey can benefit working with Weboptimizers by utilising our competitive insight and market analysis which is second to none. Our services are catered towards driving revenue and organic traffic to your enterprise units.

Our enterprise solutions focus on first identifying the objective of the organic marketing. A well laid out strategy for business units usually follows after in-depth market analysis and understanding the types of consumers for your enterprise. Our in-house tools gather market intelligence catered towards providing our organic strategy with necessary data to deliver good ROI for your organic project.

We specialise in

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Platform changes or migrations
  • Speed consulting
  • Mobile index insights

Enterprise SEO

Global Marketing Strategy
If you are looking to expand your business presence internationally, we will help you execute your international SEO strategy to ensure it makes sense to your audience.

B2B services
With our B2B services, we develop a distinct persona of your website to attract the right business customers on your site.

International SEO
Our international SEO packages ensure that your business’s expansion into the new market is systematic and with great technical expertise.

Multi-Lingual, Multi-Country strategy
Our multi-country SEO strategies have been developed executing SEO for multiple clients selling in many different countries with different products.

Industry-based SEO
SEO strategies that have been battle tested to tackle multiple competitors in multiple countries and multiple languages.

Mobile SEO
Our Mobile SEO Evaluation Report will ensure that your mobile site is usable. Having a mobile friendly site is now a requirement if you want to compete online.


Search Services

All SEO services are backed with

  • Monthly reports
  • Traffic stats, keyword stats, demographics and ranking reports
  • Strategy discussion
  • Competitive analysis
  • Link building campaign
  • CRO
  • Web Analytics research and insights
  • Website performance optimization

All SEO services depend on hand-crafted customised strategies and the competition in your industry. The prices are not fixed and we will be able to provide you with some indicative pricing in our consultation.

Our consultant should be able to provide you with a  detailed portfolio.


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