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Shopify Development

A Shopify website may be the perfect solution for your business!

  • Do you have a business you’d like to take online?
  • Do you need to upgrade your current ecommerce website?
  • Do you need an easy-to-use ecommerce solution for you and your customers?
  • Is your current agency/developer unreliable, or do they produce sub-par results?

Shopify is an ecommerce website building and management platform which allows businesses to sell products and services online. Shopify is designed to make it easy for business owners with any size business to sell, ship and manage inventory on their websites. Shopify provides users with secure and reliable ways to purchase products or services from online stores, allowing for seamless integrations with payment solutions such as Stripe, Eway, Paypal and SecurePay. In order to develop a functional and efficient ecommerce store using Shopify, it’s important to engage an experienced Shopify developer and Shopify designer to produce the best solution for your business.

With Weboptimizers Shopify solution, you get access to a newly designed and developed website that is ready to sell your product. With experience in building hundreds of Shopify stores, our customised solution is built with your marketing in mind. By developing your Shopify website, your site is guaranteed to be well optimised, ensuring that when you start marketing your business online, you are not left with an online store that is hard for Google and Bing to read.

All our websites are:

SEO Friendly
Our team of digital experts (designers, developers & marketing executives) will take the time to understand you and your business before researching keywords relevant to your industry, which ensures your new Shopify website is built to rank well.

Brand Relevant
Creating an original Shopify design that aligns with your brand and meets your customer needs is our graphic designers’ number one priority. Our graphic designers are industry veterans and provide a well researched and well converting user interface and user experience.

Designed to Convert
Your new Shopify design will be geared towards developing the ultimate user pathways to ensure your customers are converting and generating revenue. Your website will have a well-thought-out funnel, designed through advanced sitemap mapping – even before we sit down at the drawing board to come up with design concepts.

Easily Modifiable
Although our Shopify developers code your site from the ground up, we ensure your Shopify development can be managed and modified by you at the end of the day. Your site will have configurable options which mean you can tweak parts of your website in the future.

Our Shopify design and development philosophies have converted millions of dollars worth of sales for our clients.

Why choose a Shopify development?

Shopify is a hosted solution – meaning that Shopify takes care of the infrastructure for you. You receive free updates to the code, uptime from Shopify’s platform and access to a range of functions for a set monthly cost, rather than paying developers to update your site on a regular basis. Modifications to the store can easily be applied by adding extensions which further the capabilities of your Shopify site.

Furthermore, Shopify also provides an environment which is compliant with Australian privacy laws and credit card processing laws. Payments are also processed via Shopify’s platform, ensuring yours and your customers’ data is not stolen. You also have the choice of payment processors, which helps reduce additional fees.

Shopify can offer you the ability to:

Manage Inventory

Shopify websites make it easy to keep track of your stock levels both in your bricks and mortar store and on your website. Make modifications to your products, offer variations in size, colour, in bundles or singular items, and find the most efficient ways to categorise them.

Modify and Customise Your Own Site

Have you always relied on your agency or developers to modify your site? Is your site custom coded and difficult for you to use? Shopify developments allow you to make changes to your site without relying on external parties.

Secure Payment Facilities

Shopify websites offer secure payment gateways and integrations with multiple applications to ensure your payments are delivered to you safely and your customers’ payment details aren’t compromised.

Flexible Shipping Options

Using Shopify for your ecommerce solution allows you to choose fixed shipping rates, tiered rates, free shipping over a certain spend or as a standard inclusion, weight-based shipping or location-based shipping all over the world.

Manage Customer Information

Your Shopify website will allow you to store customer information on the site through customer profiles, categorise customers, export for marketing purposes and learn more about your different customer groups through their buyer behaviour.

Website Maintenance

We highly recommended you to do website maintenance at regular interval to improve the security of your website. Regular updates can provide new features and functionality to your website along with the risk of not getting hacked.

What Weboptimizers can offer you

We create Shopify developments that work for YOU. With over 15 years experience and thousands of websites developed, you’ll be dealing with a one-of-a-kind team of experts who foster an excellent customer experience. We pride ourselves on taking the pain and frustration out of the design and development process by making the website build as easy as possible for you and your staff.

Our on-site team of project managers, graphic designers, Shopify developers and SEO specialists will empower you with the knowledge you need to make decisions for your new Shopify development with your business in mind, both now and in the future.

Custom Shopify development to achieve the outcome you’re looking for.

Custom plugin development to ensure your Shopify website functions in accordance with your needs.

Ongoing support and Shopify website maintenance.

Staff training for your new Shopify development.

Original blog and on-page content to suit your business.

Website upgrades and ongoing security management.

A Shopify website which achieves ideal site speed scores.

A scalable solution which is built to grow with your company.

With our original, custom designed Shopify developments, you’ll never have to sacrifice the functionalities and the look you want. Weboptimizers will create a Shopify website you are proud of and your customers enjoy using.

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