Shopify SEO

Our Shopify SEO has helped numerous brands improve and grow their online sales. We have helped

  • Ambitious Global brands like Stephanie Browne in retail
  • Australian Icons like Megan Park.
  • Market Leading Retail Giants like Lunapark
  • Australia’s Leading Intimate Apparel companies like Bfree
  • Melbourne Icons in Tattoo like Vic Market Tattoo

Now that your Shopify store is up and running with all of your products, what’s the next step? You’ll want to think about SEO.

Most people consider search engine optimisation to be something that is only done on the main pages of a website and ignore the importance of making sure that their store is optimised fully. Not optimising the breadth of the store is a big mistake because product optimisation is critical to ensure that potential customers find your Shopify store.

In today’s highly competitive marketplace it’s even more critical than ever to make sure all of your web pages and internet presence are optimized and ready to be found by people who want to buy your products. The problem is that product pages could contain thousands of possible keywords and optimising each description would take an enormous amount of time. Additionally, if you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to SEO, you could wind up wasting a lot of valuable time and effort optimising your store incorrectly.

An SEO optimised store will net you a more significant return on your Shopify presence, so it is in your best interest to make sure you have one. Fortunately, we offer an SEO service specific to your Shopify store that demystifies the process and eliminates the headaches of optimising your store. Instead of wading through the murky world of attempting to optimise your store from scratch, let us handle it. We have the experience, and technical know how to be able to get your Shopify store up running correctly and efficiently in no time.

Our team employs a strategy that highlights three primary focuses; your product, the technical side of your Shopify store and your overall marketing campaign. Only when all three work in tandem will your Shopify store be well optimised. We’ll break down the three facets of our strategy below.

Product Or Collection Optimisation

Your products are the centrepiece of your Shopify store, and for us to properly Shopify SEO, we will need to make sure that your descriptions are accurate, engaging and descriptive. They need to be presented logically and create a desire to buy. You do not want to have long, meandering descriptions. You want to be interesting, to the point and convey what makes them as attractive as possible. We will go through your Shopify store and make sure that your products are presented in the best possible light, as well as edit your content to make sure that each description is accurate and exciting.

Keyword research for products

Keyword research is the real technical side of your Shopify SEO, and one of the most crucial elements in getting your store noticed in search engines. Our methodology to integrate keywords into your products and slowly improving their internal structure will help rank each product. We will infuse keywords into the product descriptions, make sure the metadata accurately reflects what the product is all about, and track your keywords to make sure the campaign is a success.

We Will Focus On The Following:

  • In-depth keyword research and keyword mapping to URL
  • Metadata accuracy and the data is reflective of the product description.
  • Monitoring of keyword rankings

Improving Shopify UX/UI

A lot of websites and small businesses only focus on specific areas when it comes to SEO. Your SEO strategy should take your entire internet presence into account, and that means looking at UX/UI, user experience and overall events on the website. We will look at the bigger picture and make any necessary tweaks that you need done to ensure that your Shopify store is well optimised.

If you have a Shopify store, you need a strategy for growing sales. Do not go it alone. We can help you from the ground up and implement a plan that will give you returns for years to come. We can combine our technical knowledge with industry experience to provide you with the best return on investment. We’ll also make sure that you can track all of your keywords by installing and utilising user-friendly plugins that will give you real-time information on how your keywords are performing. If we need to make any adjustments to your products or overall campaign, we can do that too.

By making your Shopify store user-friendly using our SEO packages, you are also a little ahead of the curve. Many people are either overwhelmed by the thought of making their store SEO friendly.

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