Web Analytics Service

Trying to monitor how visitors use your site?
Want to turn your website visitors into buyers?
Need to formulate a sales and e-marketing plan?
Trying to maximize your website’s potential?
Let us help to determine where your website falls short in satisfying your visitors.

The analysis of your website is a lot more than just checking how many visitors, page views and bounce rate for a particular time period. We have a great experience with Google Analytics Integration – deriving actionable data and insights that will ultimately increase the targeted traffic to your website and hence grow your profits. Whether you need to do effective PPC or great SEO, analytics is just as critical. Our basic SEO packages all include in-depth integration to measure and track your success.

We are a search engine optimization and Google Analytics integration company which offers a range of services to make your online presence a lot more effective. No matter what the size of your website and business is, we will help you take full advantage of the latest updates in Google Analytics Integration technology. Trust us to show you the ropes on what Google Analytics Integration is all about.

  • It will enable you to have a better insight on what kind of website you have
  • Sites hit with search penalties will benefit from our investigative Google analytics services.
  • You will be able to have a clear understanding of what kind of conversion rate your website has; how many people who visit the website actually get converted into ‘customers’, how many comments or participate, etc
  • It will enable you to have a better understanding of what kind of experience your visitors are having on your website
  • Using the above information, you can set about making your website a lot more user-friendly and functional
  • Web analytics will also make you access information on your visitor activity and happenings on its homepage as well as other web pages
  • Using the above information, you will be able to make better decisions on improving your website
  • Google Analytics Integration will help you find out the exact traffic pattern of your website, thereby giving you a greater insight into what kind of people your website is attracting
  • It will enable you to maximize your website’s potential

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