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Build a strong online brand, improve your online search performance and increase conversions with 100% industry compliant state of the art search friendly website design and development from Weboptimizers.

Are your losing customers on your landing page? Is your website mobile friendly? Are you struggling with managing your website? Would you like to minimize your bounce rate?

Let us help you focus on your business.From a strong visual presentation to advanced administration system and more, Weboptimizers will give you the right web tools to outweigh all your competitors online.

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Our Process.

Our streamlined workflow is derived from a foundational methodology which consist of 3 Phases. That is ‘Branding Concept development and Structural Organization’, ‘Concept Refinement’ and ‘Construction’. All website design projects delivered by Weboptimizers go through five main processes to produce an excellent web application/brand.
Our Process


This process involves meeting with  our clients and understanding their need for online presence. A feasibility study usually follows with a project plan which gives a better understanding of their target audience and competitors. Structural concepts will then be used to create initial draft concepts (Graphic design) and all of which will be presented to the clients for review.

We focus on client’s future needs for expansion leaving ample opportunities in the initial website concept to undergo major expansion at a later stage.


  • Brainstorming about possible colors and user interfaces
  • Making the choice of a custom content management system
  • Understanding your target audience
  • Finalizing the basic building blocks for a successful website
  • Look at architecture design of your website
  • Website features finalization


Our Process

Skin Design

Website architecture plays a significant part in how your website performs in organic search placements. Users tend to abandon a website when the information they want is not easily accessible. Without a proper web architecture a lot of your customers will abandon your website and thus impacting your online sales.
With a variety of web tools, we will be able to create and finalise a skeleton for your architecture.


  • A web layout designed in Photoshop/Illustrator
  • Incorporating your logo and brand color into the website design
  • A Visual identity manual if indicated
  • Integration of inner pages
  • Integration of additional custom elements of the website
  • Elements placement finalization
  • Navigation and other design elements finalization
Our Process

User Testing & Launch

Prior to launching of the final product, we perform thorough testing to ensure high quality end product. Our testing process consists of various technical and user acceptance testing procedures. With assurance we are proud and confident in delivering our clients their search friendly website.


  • Mobile device compatibility tests
  • Tablets compatibility
  • Usability improvements
  • Browser tests
  • Operating system tests
  • Web CMS function testing

Content Management System

We provide the customers flexibility of managing their own content. You will be able to add content to your website anytime you want. You can also add interactive videos, pictures, galleries and custom forms to collect customer information all the while getting support from us.

Freedom to manage your website

Get proper support

Update content anytime

Manage images and videos

Variety of CMS to choose from

Keep updated and secure

Website features

Don’t worry about the technical side of things, let us worry about it for you.Our team uses HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript to create your ideal, industry compliant, Web 2.0 website.
  • Layout into a fully compliant website
  • A demo of administration system of website
  • Integration of plugins
  • Custom features
  • Customized elements integration
  • Ability to add and update contents on website
  • A cross browser and system compliant website
  • Mobile website
  • Social media integration
  • Contact forms integration
  • Newsletter integration
  • Banner and graphics design
  • Color guides
  • Banner design and integration
  • Ecommerce tracking
  • Cross channel customer service integration
  • Google maps

Are you mobile ready?

80% of online users search using their mobile devices. Can you really afford to not have a responsive website? Here at Weboptimizers, we are fully prepared to analyze and evolve your website to be mobile compatible.

Our Difference

Device Compatibility

Having a mobile website is inevitable for businesses to grow. We ensure that your websites are compatible with multiple devices so that your customers can view the website on an iPhone, iPad, Android or any other device.

  • Responsive website design
  • Mobile friendly content
  • A Fast loading mobile website
  • Compatible with multiple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, tablets
  • Checked in multiple browsers
Digital/Marketing Strategy

Boost your sales and traffic with our specialised digital marketing strategies to achieve your specific goals. Drive more traffic to your website.

  • Natural search growth
  • Keyword planning
  • PPC management
  • Reporting
Standard Inclusions

We optimize each element of your website for proper functioning. We also make sure that all images are compressed for faster loading of the application. We include SEO framework for all projects to further increase the potential for marketing.

  • An advanced caching system
  • Ability to monitor your web usage and visitors statistics
  • Ability to track keywords and your rankings on search results
  • Search engine optimization framework
  • Uptime monitoring
System Upgrades

We do not only develop websites but also provide content management upgrade support to provide you with latest security features.

  • Most updated security features to keep hackers away from your website
  • Advanced software monitoring
  • Security compliance
  • Privacy compliance