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What Is Off Page SEO?

Off-page SEO refers to the technique of improving the position of a website in the search engine to rank it higher thus increasing the number of visitors once again. To clearly understand how to go about off page SEO, it is vital to know how it works.

Search Engine Optimization popularly referred to as SEO is the tactics, techniques, and strategies that ranks highly search results in the result page of a search engine like google, yahoo and another search engine hence increasing the number of users for that particular website. Owners of the site know that the quantity of visitors is not entirely their ultimate goal but quality visitors, therefore, Search Engine Optimization facilitates in increasing the reliability and convenience to users.

Search engines like Google have an algorithm which as a website owner you need to be aware that they regularly update. These complicated algorithms play a significant part in identifying which pages ought to be included in their index including the order and structure of how the pages outline in search pages. Now Search Engine Optimization is tasked with two distinct functions; crawling and building indexes for the website which have already been created by the search engine algorithm.

Crawling is the process of searching for the relevant site on the index performed by the search engine crawler, while building indexing is the process of adding relevant web pages into the search engine. Search Engine Optimisation hence presents the search results of users queries in order of relevance from the highly ranked to the least.

Components of Off-Page Search Engine Optimisation

It would be detrimental to talk about off page SEO when we haven’t grasped the whole elements that build up to it. Search Engine Optimization has two significant components mainly off a page and on a page. Let me briefly explain the on a page so that you can have the whole picture. On the page, Search Engine Optimization connotes to the setting you can apply on the website, so the search engine adequately optimises that.

The following are the primary ways to excel at it:

  • Ensure that the site is always refreshed with content regularly.
  • Users detest slow web pages thus fast loading pages are highly ranked.
  • Not everyone carries their laptop around, but the majority of the population carry their phones around.

Mobile-friendliness enables this majority of people to go to your site quickly. Moreover, make the site user-friendly regarding navigation through various section of the site through breadcrumbs or even user sitemaps.

  • Ensure that the external links to your page are not broken or lead to inappropriate websites.
  • Make an effort to have quality optimized internal links through ensuring the connection is more rooted, writing natural anchor text and using the following the link.
  • When you decide to include pictures in the blog ensure the images are adequately optimized for instance use an ALT tag, acceptable image size, get the name of image right.
  • Have proper URL structures. This could be done by ensuring that you use a single domain or subdomain, include keywords and exclude dynamic parameters whenever possible.
  • Text formatting should be on point for instance use h1, h2 and bold. This facilitates in attracting readers to the website as it is considered to be quality content.
  • Have user-friendly 404 pages (404 means page not found). Presenting links to the most famous recent items or even try to find out what the user was looking for and possibly provide links to possible matches.
  • Have optimized titles and description meaning it ought to be unique, contain focus words match the content and have structured content.

Off-page Search Engine Optimization

As seen on page Search Engine Optimization is more like internal, off- page, on the other hand, is external, outside the boundaries of your website. It is interesting to note that search engine does not just focus on one aspect but a collaboration of all elements, for instance, off-page Search Engine Optimization, on-page Search Engine Optimization, and other quality factors to give user better results. Interestingly, (unlike on- page) off-page is not just about links it is all about telling the search engine what others think or perceive the website. If valuable link keeps pointing to your pages, the search engine will have this notion that your web has spectacular content that is very useful to users; otherwise, why would someone waste precious time back linking it? After all, people only site refer and share places they like.

Off-page Search Engine Optimization is optimized by three primary activities:

Link building

Link building is the process of earning links on another website. There are two ways to get links either naturally or self-made links. Self-made links tend to be risky, and one is subject to being penalized by the Google webspam team. Earned links directly improve the popularity of a website and where it ranks in search engines. It isn’t surprising to see that many sites are willing to do anything to have as many links as possible because lack of links is a bad omen. Nonetheless, it is very vital to understand that identified low-quality backlinks that are pointed to your site tend to be discarded thus not worth the effort.

Characteristics of good quality backlinks for webmaster include:

  • Don’t use black hat Search Engine Optimization.
  • The source of a good backlink is from similar niche website. A finance article from a finance website will never link to a masonry article found in a masonry website. Make it an aim to get links from the article in which you have the common interest as a webmaster.
  • `Nofollow’ or `do follow’ links. `Nofollow’ is a concept used by webmasters to stop the flow of their build authority to other sites which in most cases do not help in off-page Search Engine Optimization.
  • Dofollow Search Engine Optimization, on the other hand, is very essential as these links link back to your website enabling one to get the link juice as well as the increasing the chances of being ranked higher.
  • Good relationships have different anchor texts. Ensure that your anchor text s are different for every backlink. Having the same anchor text for every backlink makes it hard for the search engine to detect as it looks very unnatural. This could be done by using different keywords for every backlink.
  • Quality backlink comes from a high PageRank webpage. A PageRank is a ranking given to a webpage by search algorithm which describes its authority. Getting backlinks from web pages with higher Page rank is excellent, preferably higher than your website. Use tools like LRT to check your link toxicity score.

In 2018 since link building has become part and parcel of everyday life webmasters can apply the following strategy to get the higher ranking.

The plan is divided into two as well namely:

  • White hat(natural or legitimate)
  • Blackhat (illegitimate)

White Hat (natural or legitimate)

White hat refers to the legit natural way of building links which in most cases it is a freely given editorial link.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is referred to as the best way to legitimately build link. Content marketing is the creation and sharing of online materials such as vlogs, blogs, social media post that do not promote a brand but is meant to make people very interested in its product and services. After that, as people interact with the content, they will be directed to the website where they will discover other relevant articles in your site eventually increasing site visits. Good news is that it is entirely risk-free.

Here are some basics strategy to help you with content marketing

  • Choose a relevant topic of interest preferably a trendy question which is related to the website target niche and purpose.
  • Give some advice on the subject based on the experience you have and an honest one for that fact.
  • For the sake of being up to date do some original research on the topic.
  • Get advice on the matter from other experts as well.
  • Publish the article on the website.
  • Automatically synchronize the article to Twitter, Facebook or even LinkedIn to boost social activity.

You can rest assured that as long as the content is clear, resourceful and resonates with the target audience who happen to visit the site, they will give you the natural back link.

Imitate Your Competitors

Lastly, as you know if you can’t beat them join them. If you feel stuck and lack the inspiration to create something out of norm copy what your competitors do so well. Reviewing top competitors backlinks to determine if they have earned excellent quality links and learn how they achieved it then replicate. In as much as you won’t get as many links as your competitors, you sure could get some spot links to your website.

Black Hat

Black hat refers to wrong ways to acquire backlinks in most cases a link you make for yourself. It is very risky and ought to even result in penalties once discovered thus to be avoided at all times. The search engine like Google has become very vigilant about the spread of black hats thus not only could they not work but could be a waste of time and money. The following are the methods of black hats.

Link Exchange Schemes

One might ask a fellow webmaster to link your website to their website as you also do the same instead of bringing out content now and then. Some even excel at the 3-way link where I link your site from mine, but you link my site from a different website.

Shared Content Directorate

A website like hub pages and info barely give you an option of publishing content as well as adding a couple of links pointing to one’s sites which sometimes could be of poor quality.

Article Directorate

Whenever you publish your articles in articles directorate, you could get links back to your website while some mostly accept unique content some take anything ranging from spin articles to published ones already.

Forum Signatures

Some website owners would comment on the forum to get links back to their website. Some would even include links in their signature.

Comment Link

Just same content as forum signatures most website owners were fond of commenting on another website to get a link, worse still they use the keywords of their article as opposed to their real name.

For example, instead of writing the comment by for example `Ruth Clifford,’ it shows a comment by `how to start a business with no money.’

Blog Directories

It resembles the yellow pages; however, each entry has a link pointing to a website.

Social Media

Social media refers to website and application that enable users to create and share content facilitating social networking. As of 2017 51 % of the population in the world has access to the internet. Social media is such an integral part when it comes to link building of off page Search Engine Optimization. Building a strong social media presence is not rocket science and it not a walk in the park either. The golden rule is to make a profile for your website on social networks to stay connected with users and visitors. As tested and proven an active social media community facilitates in enabling ones’ content to go viral. The only thing that matters is to share the link to your social media followers which in turn if it is useful they would be more than willing to share the same content.

Social media is not a man island. For ages, humans are drawn to what adds to their lives in all spheres. There are various social media sites for instance what’s up against Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to mention a few. To cover a broad scope of target audience webmasters are encouraged to join almost all the social media sites and actively engage them since people are different with different preference when it comes to social media.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a centralized online service which allows users to add, annotate, edit and share bookmarks of the web document. It can also be described merely as a way to bookmark your favourite web pages online to read them anytime and anywhere if connected to the internet.

Many people tend to bookmark their favourite web pages in their browsers to access them quickly without having to surf the internet again. The worst part about it is that once the browser crashes or our system is formatted or not anywhere near our computers where we can save our bookmarks, then it is not easy to access them. One has to surf the internet to search those pages. Social bookmarking comes in handy as one can use our bookmarks from any location when connected to the internet. Typically, web pages that are bookmarked at social bookmarking are considered quality backlink by the search engine and as you know quality backlink increase SEO traffic , eCommerce sales and google page rank.

Off-page Search Engine Optimization

After following the above stated off-page strategies successfully the following are the benefits reaped.

  • Increased exposure. The higher ranking comes with great exposure because when a web ranks in the top positions it gets more links, visit, and social media mention is more often directly connected to the high web ranking.
  • Increased ranking in the search engine results pages the website will be ranked higher leading to more online traffic.
  • Increased PageRank-page rank is the importance of a website usually between 0 and 10.the higher the page ranks the more the site is easily accessible to the users.

Off-page search engine optimization could be the stepping stone to making your website thrive. It’s important to note that both off the page and on the page carry the same weight and thus investing in all of them is vital. Remember the shortcut is not always short therefore be as ethical as you can sense in the online presence your reputation matters and no one wants to start on a wrong note.

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Ajay Chavda is the co-founder of Weboptimizers, an SEO agency in Melbourne and has been involved with SEO for over 15 years. Between the digital properties and security forums he has managed, his articles have been read by approximately 50 million unique visitors.

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